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  1. Slides I don't need ..Are they a headache yes,, leak ? yes Jam , Yes .Plus a thousand more problems to numerous to mention . Give me good solid leakproof walls Len
  2. This is a old wives tale & has been around for years . Just imagine if your wheels were so badly attached as to require remaining on the ground how many accidents we would have. The only time I ever worry myself about where my wheels are when leveling is if i am on a slant then and only then do I have my rear wheels on the ground. I have had many different chassis over the 60 years of motorhoming & have never had a problem leveling in this fashion ..
  3. A dolly is about the most silly system that you can use . It not only is expensive but it is very heavy. Also it is a pain as to where to put it on your campsite. A better and more secure way to go is a Toad that travels well 4 wheels on the ground. The are fast, simple and solid to hook up as well. L>H>N>
  4. Well well well, As usual you are way off base . Rest area's are there for a purpose TO REST. It doesn't mean you are camping over night or any thing else . I feel the town has a heck of a lot of nerve to give out these tickets without knowing how long the unit was parked there . I guess it's better to fall asleep at the wheel & have a accident .. According to them<<<<
  5. I am not at all surprised to find that our Rally figures are still dropping . After all what is the club doing to " keep up with the times" ? Nothing as far as I can see that helps rally attendance. Lets talk facts . Here we are with high speed internet at our finger tips do we use it NO we do not . By that I am referring to the late fee for signing up for a rally. Personally I feel this must be dropped as it is not needed,, anyone who decides late should be more then welcome to attend . They should not be penalized for this fact either . After all how long does it take to transmit an e mail from our home office to the rally site ,or rally master. SECONDS.What have we done about changing some of our rally basics like meals. I notice Good Sam has meals & fairly cheap as well. That is a big attraction as well ..WE also penalize our chapters that might like to attend a national rally.. We say if you want to park together "come together" why. Let them advise us how many are coming and set up a space accordingly. ..Seems pretty simple to me .I think with a bit of thought we could be making MANY changes to increase attendance with wonderful results . I guess we are just to darn OLD....
  6. What is a rocket stick? we are talking basics here please..
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