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  1. natinsky

    NO Start

    obviously a clicking GOOD starter motor indicates the solenoid not engaging. I would confirm a bad connection somewhere between the ignition switch to the starter relay. As mentioned obviously it is a bad connection. One option is to directly run 12v from battery to starter to engage it. If motors starts and runs then trace your wiring. Obviously a bad ground or short.
  2. I tow a JK Rubicon also/ used a Blueox faceplate. Didn't want to go used. Purchased baseplate, harness, tow bar, Removed factory bumper, skid plate and just bolted it on existing frame holes. Pretty simple only took a few hours. Put all factory parts back on. Kit came with safety cables looped them around plate and frame rail. Got a Patriot II for braking and ran a separate wire harness to the rear installing two additional blubs for stop and turn signals. Pretty simple and all parts are on Amazon.
  3. it can not be flat towed according to the Good Sam Dinghy Towing manual.
  4. Cummins has a 5 year motor waarranty. it includes block and all internal working of the motor. all items attached outside of the block are not covered. your new coach should be coming with at least a one year bumper to bumper. https://www.cummins.com/customer-assistance
  5. Thanks for the Cummins info. Got three years left until I will definitely opt for that. Have to check into the Allison warranty on the coach.
  6. Gosh thanks folks. The Entegra Aspire 44b with 24,000 miles. The original owners have pretty much records shaking the bugs out. Cummins says it came with 5 years $100 deductible. The Spartan chassis is the same. I think going forward roadside/tire assistance is pretty much the basic plan to have in place. Yes, for 10k that buys quite a few of the small stuff. The bigger items would be leveling, aquahot, transmission issue, and electronic items. Like it has been said wish you had it for the knowledge and peace of mind or just bite the bullet when repairs occur. Insurance companies know the numbers and they are not rich because they lose in the end.
  7. I am posting on Service contracts again. We are buying a 2017 Entegra. I am familiar with diesels and Rvs in general but considering the purchase price (I realize it is not a toaster oven) maybe a extended plan for coverage would be advisable. I have reviewed Xtraride, Campers Edge and Wholesale Warranties. Prices range from ^k to 10K for 5 years. Some with no mileage limits. Any input or experiences good or bad would be appreciated.
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