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  1. hdrich

    NO Start

    Update: Problem Solved I had to take my coach to an RV repair shop to get the problem resolved. After several hours of searching and testing it was found to be a bad connection behind my engine fuse panel. The RV tech had to completely remove the engine fuse panel to locate and repair a ground wire coming from ignition switch through the firewall to the fuse panel. The wire had a loose connection and once repaired the coach started without issues. I would have never been able to do the work myself do to the difficulty of access. Thanks again to all the suggestions for repair
  2. hdrich

    NO Start

    Update: Upon additional troubleshooting, discovered the location of starter relay along with house battery relays. Items are located inside engine fuse box which required removal of the fuse panel and all connections from inside the fuse box. I carefully took pictures of all connections before removal. Starter relay was checked with voltmeter and appeared to be bad as voltage was erratic and the relay was very hot. Removed and replaced starter relay and also removed & replaced starter again as it was defective.( Starter dragging when load applied). The engine will now start sometimes and at other times I still get a rapid clicking sound when attempting to start. The clicking sound almost sounds like a relay sticking then releasing. It will click several times before the engine will finally start. Once running everything appears normal, etc., battery voltage is good, alternator charging normal, starter voltage stable, new starter relay voltage also stable. If the engine is cold(setting overnight) it will start without the clicking sound. Once started and run for several minutes then shutting down the engine I will get the clicking sound like a relay clatter when I attempt additional starts. Part of the problem has been resolved because the engine would not start at all before changing the starter relay and the starer( Starter is new not rebuilt). Am now considering taking coach to a shop to run a diagnostic check as I am not able to resolve the issue using my own tools.
  3. hdrich

    NO Start

    Thanks for all the replies. I will attempt to detail my situation a little more. When I said the engine will not start I meant that the starter does not engage the flywheel so the engine does not turn over. I hear a clicking sound every time. The solenoid on my starter is built into the starter. I bought a new starter and installed it with no improvement. I then removed that same starter and had it bench checked at the auto parts store and the results were "good starter. " When I turn on the ignition switch the battery voltage drops from 13.65 to about 10.4 while the starter is trying to engage. I have checked for power at my engine fuse box and all readings show power is present into the fuse box along with the fuses checking good. My transmission is in park when trying to start. My Onan generator fires up with no problem so my fuel is good. Power is available at my starter using a voltmeter. My oil is good in the engine. Battery voltage measures 13. 65 with no load. Alternator test was good when I had engine running. The sound that I am hearing is a rapid clicking sound such as you might hear if the solenoid was bad but again this is a brand new starter and it did start the engine once. I have no idea where the starter relay would be located if there is one. If it is on or near my engine fuse box power checks out good to that box and the associated fuses. I am beginning to think that there is a bad ground somewhere preventing the starter from full engagement. I have a second person helping me with all my checks. I have replaced both battery cables and still same situation. I will update later if I find the problem. Thanks again to all for your replies.
  4. hdrich

    NO Start

    I have a 2000 R- Vision Condor Class A motor home with a Chevy 454 in it. My coach is currently in storage. I have been starting the engine monthly to exercise various items. Last week I started the engine and ran it for about 20 minutes the shut down. Engine would not restart. Prior to this it was starting every time without fail. The starter was removed and bench checked as good. New battery installed along with battery cables. Alternator test checked good. Checked all fuses I could find and all good. Checked engine fuse box for power and good. Looking for suggestions as to what I may have missed. I am now lost for a solution.
  5. I have used several military fam camps and they all have had the same requirements; Some form of military ID by at least one member of the family which includes DOD personnel. I do know that the campground at Moody AFB, GA opened up to civilian travelers a couple of years ago so it would be wise to check on your destination to see who they accept. To the best of my knowledge a DD Form 214 does not satisfy the requirement. Check this web site; http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/
  6. http://www.ultimatecampgrounds.com/uc3/ http://www.rvparky.com/ Here are a couple of websites you can try. You can also use Google Maps and type in :Campgrounds" in the address box and it will bring up various camping areas along with google reviews. Maybe this will help you. Safe travels and Happy Camping!
  7. I currently have RV Trip Wizard and it has some very good qualities about it. I like the way it allows you to modify your trip as you plan. It will show you almost anything you need i.e., campgrounds, rest area, fuel, food, distance, and it will total up your estimated expenses once you set those parameters before you begin. You can also print out your trip and you can have it transferred to your GPS once you have finalized the trip. So to answer your question, yes I believe it is a useful tool. It does have some flaws. I have found that not all campgrounds are listed. Anytime you want to add a facility all you have to do is type in the address in "Find" and Trip Wizard will locate that address for you on your trip map. Hope this helps to answer your question. Safe travels and happy camping!
  8. I have a gasser with a Chevy 454 and I change my oil. It holds 6.8 qts. and I add Motorkote to my oil after I change it. Also use Motorkote in the tranny and my genset.
  9. 1. Herb Richards 2. USAF 3. 16 Apr 1958- 30 Apr 1978 4. TSGT E6 5. A43151A Aircraft Mechanic(Crew Chief) Reciprocating Engine over 2 on flying status & 11370C Performance Qualified Flight Engineer( 10 yrs as C-141A Flight Engineer) over 10,000 hrs flying time during career. 6. Lackland AFB, TX; Sheppard AFB, TX; Forbes AFB, KS; Sondrestrom AB, Greenland; Barksdale AFB, LA; Clark AB, Philippines; McChord AFB, WA; Nakhon Phanom RTAB, Thailand, Travis AFB, CA Never regretted my military service and I am a proud veteran May God Bless all that served or serving now
  10. This is what we travel in. It is a 2000 Condor Class A motorhome with one slideout. It is on a workhorse p30 chassis with a chevy 454 gas and automatic o/d. Length 34ft. We have been to Cherokee, NC; San Antonio, TX; Fort Myers, FL and Omaha, NE with it. Planning a trip across the Untied States for 2015. Motorhome only has 10, 235 miles on it. Runs great!
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