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  1. I have been on the plan for about a month and it has been great for us.
  2. I have been using the T9 for about a month with no problems.
  3. I am a full timer and wonder how to get around Sprint needs signature upon delivery requirement.
  4. I have found that when unlimited plans advertise they seldom mention the second cap which is on the hotspot. Can anyone using the new Sprint© Unlimited MIFI Plan offered by FMCA tell me if it has a cap on the hotspot. For example the AT&T Elite Plan is unlimited data but has a hard cap at 40 GB on the hotspot. Also does the MiFi they supply notify you if you are roaming?
  5. Thanks all. I think I will put the slides out. Also so I will let you how the repairs go.
  6. Bill its and old coach but not many miles. LCI is the leveling system and they claim they have never seen it happen. They don't sell just the reservoir naturally so I will be buying a new pump assembly but that's ok because it is 15 years old and I don't like playing labor costs twice. I weight in at 32,000 unloaded and Airstream slides never extend over 16 inches. I can feel a little wobble sometimes without the jacks down. Most people I am hearing from seem to think it will be ok to extend the slides but of course I don't want to create another problem.
  7. Also when you say you seldom put you levelers down then if it is level do you put your slides out?
  8. No the slide are electric.
  9. The guy could not get anything under them to push up I tried with a shovel and fulcrum but did not get anywhere but I did not know what I was doing. That is what the guy wanted to do and I what afraid without fluid in the system they might come down. Guy and Lippet and never seen it either.
  10. I own a 2006 Airstream 396XL Motorhome. The fluid reservoir fell out on my motorhome or was stolen (mechanic says it was stolen), leaving us with all four levelers down and unable to move. Without hydraulic fluid, we couldn't even override the system, and the mechanic had take the levelers entirely off before were able to move. As we are full-timers, this may take a long time to get resolved. As I read my manual, it says not to use the slide-out unless the levels are down and the coach is level. The spot where my coach sits now is pretty level (less than one degree off). Airstream sides are very short (about 16"). This leaves me with some questions. 1. Would it be ok to put the smaller rear (bedroom) slide out just once to retrieve some articles that are now trapped? 2. Is there any way to stabilize the level coach enough to use the slides.? 3. Are the warnings about not using the slides about it being level or stabilized or both?
  11. The part is installed and the air system is working great. I would not have been able to get this running without all the help here and the guy at Days Diesel in Red Oak Alabama who recognized the part. Thanks again.
  12. This was a good idea. The guy at Days Diesel just happened to recognize it so your idea about a truck shop was a good one. Thanks, everyone I will let you know how it comes out.
  13. Yes, it is the part that is leaking. They said it was at the top where it screwed in. Just an update for you all. I found the part a Days Diesel in Red Oak Alabama. Freightliner had told me it was not a Freightliner part but it was. Turns out it was part of a kit so I guess that is why it did not have a part number. Also, comes with a new height valve. The guy at Days Diesel did not think it would need a complete height valve so I just bought the kit. When it arrives and is installed I will let you know how it turns out.
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