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  1. Strange While driving, my engine stopped when I tried to close the Stair Cover while moving!
  2. Good day everyone, I just purchased my first Class A Motor Home. We plan on driving nationwide but mostly from Maine to Florida. i have toll Questions. 1) Is SunPass accepted in the Northern states? 2) Is Ez Pass accepted in Florida? 3) Sunpass comes in suction cup module transponder. Where to mount it on big windshield? Sunpass also is a stick on window transponder ...where to mount it? 4) EZ Pass is a bar transponder that on cars is mounted on the front License Plate bracket. Where do you mount it on a Motor Coach? 5) I have 2 axels and 6 tires. How do i get charged? Thank you for your comments....... much appreciated. King Richard KingCruzer2013@gmail.com
  3. GoodDay to all, I have just purchased a Motor Coach and am looking for Software for my Mac and Iphone to Track Maintenance records, Trip planning and equipment purchases. I can't seem to find any. Thanks Richard KingCruzer2103@gmail.com
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