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  1. Remember to turn it off. One friend went to Yuma (from British Columbia) and forgot to turn it off until he got his first electrical bill from the resort - over $600.00.
  2. Never heard of Sallun tires "up here in Canada". I have always bought Michelin tires with great results. How much would you pay as you had a tire failure or blowout? Don't go cheep with your tires - your and your family's life might depend upon it.
  3. I found a 37" Visio. I love it for quality of picture. - it replaced a 32" and the "hole" wouldn't take a 40" TV.
  4. Years ago. Coaches coming into Canada had to be 101 inches wide so the manufactures removed the awnings and placed them inside. Once across the border the dealers would put them on. No they have stopped that foolishness but there are some tight border crossings - on both sides.
  5. I just set up my 2012 CRV with a BlueOX baseplate and am in the process of installing a US Gear braking system. I have used the Blueox towbar for over 10 years (3 coaches and now 3 toads). The US Gear I used last year on a Corolla - best braking system ever. My Brake Buddy is now on the shelf.
  6. When the power is interupted to the Pioneer unit, it loses its memory of the rear camera. Go into setup - push the right main button and select av as backup camera. Hope this helps. It is so simple but unless you know you will never find it. The manual is also obtuse.
  7. I don't see what the problem is. I have an external 3 filter system that then goes through a RO membrane and into the main tank. The whole coach is on RO - no more water stains and we always have good drinking water wherever we go. I drain the tank and let it dry out when we get home. It is also great for washing my coach as my house water has an extreme amount of minerals and leaves water stains. Just my 2 cents worth.
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