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  1. I have had GS roadside for five years and never had to call them until late November, started to leave Manchester, TN and could not to get air bags to inflate. Contacted GS they lined up some one nearby who wanted to tow me to their shop. The KOA park manager came by and gave me the name of a local, called him he was there within 30 min located the problem as the rear pressure relief valve and air governor cost labor, parts and service call $351.00. Found out the GS contact they lined up had a lot of complaints reported and not a good BBB rating. I reported this to GS. Repairs on this day was made by J & W Auto Service in Manchester, TN phone 931-728-1583.J & W was not on GS list and said he had never heard of them, this I also reported to GS. It is apparent GS does not do a good job seeking out reliable service people. I probably saved over $1,000 or more on this event.
  2. Carl C, feel free to call. If anyone traveling thru Baton Rouge and seeking drive in service, I recommend The RV Shop on Choctaw DR., owned and operated by the Vincent Family.
  3. I have good sam road service but after mechanical problems last week in Manchester, TN I am thinking about not renewing. Short story, I had air pressure problems before leaving campground called GS , it took them one hour to locate someone , when questing GS about the qualifications they told me it was a wrecker service, this raised a flag . The quoted rates would be $85 hour from the time he received a ok plus service call, when ask GS about the company background they could not say. Ronnie in KOA Manchester came by and gave me two local contacts, the first never return my call the second J & W Repair answered my call and was at my site within 30 min located the problem with a rear rv and air regular he located parts and had me on my way less than three hours for a total cost of $351. Wyatt Nettles who came to my site is the owner of the company and if you are ever in this area and need mechanical service give him a call at 931-728-1583. When I retuned home I looked up information about the company GS recommended, the were wrecker service and had a poor BBB rating and a lot of complaints. It is apparent GS does not have a qualified list of service companies
  4. If anyone would need mechanical motorhome service in or near Manchester, TN , I highly recommend J & w Repair. My 2008 Mandalay would not build enough pressure to inflate the air bags after a period of time. Ronnie with KOA Manchester recommended several local service people, Wyatt Nettles owner of J & W was at my site within 30 min after I called. He found a faulty air relief on rear system which was caused by a faulty air regulator. He located parts and had me on the road within two hours with minimum cost. Wyatt can be reached at 931 728 1583, the sign on his truck door reads a cut above, I truly agree. My experience with Good Sam was not good, I will not discuss at this time.
  5. Just happen to me, I have a 2008 Mandalay, we were on trip, steps would not retract, had to remove pin and tie steps in. When got home I checked fuses, connections, ground wire still not work. Took it to my service shop they found a bed service module, they installed the new control module kit, it now working great.
  6. My coach is under cover on concrete, I purchased horse mats from Tractor Supply and cut them to desired size.
  7. I own a 2008 Mandalay with Kwikee Electric steps, my problem the steps will not retract , I have cleaned door contacts, I assume there is power to the step motor as indicated by orange light is on at step button. Has any experienced this problem?
  8. I have a 2008 Mandalay had a pinched wire to limit switch which caused bedroom slide not extend all way out.
  9. My service shop in Baton Rouge changed them out with same batteries, acid to acid. I think you are correct about the starter switch. If you came back thru Gonzales today you would not recognize anything, if it was not for city limit signs you don't know you are leaving Baton Rouge and entering Ascension Parish. They are building so fast we are having traffic problems.
  10. Engine started, RV Tech came by ran electrical check, started tapping on starter while I engaged ignition, she fired off. I kept it running and took it to the shop. Still puzzled why the generator would not start, tech said could be a relay, they will do a complete electrical check up.
  11. Bill, I have the same problem, I have to get some one to hold switches while trying to start engine with booster switch. I am going to try some things tomorrow, its 29 outside ( too cold for south Louisiana ). With possible week batteries I think the cold weather is not on my side.
  12. I have four house batteries, just had them replaced two weeks ago the water levels are good and show fully charged. I was told when hooked to shore power the starting batteries would not charge.
  13. Thanks Bill, the batteries are about four years old. My son owns a construction company and has a supplier who supplies batteries for his heavy equipment, may get a write off .
  14. I suspect the batteries are too weak to start the engine or generator, I am hooked to 50 amp shore power, the batteries are maintenance free. My concern was did I short something out by trying to use the booster start. The outside temp. today when I tried to start was 40 F, the cranking power seemed weak with temps.in the 80 F. All connections seemed tight and clean, I have friend coming to check actual voltage and hook a hook up a charger.
  15. I have a 2008 Mandalay, Freightliner chassis, 425 HP Cummins. Tried to start, battery weak used the battery booster, something clicked but would not turn over, dash meter battery indicator shows about 12 volts. Can not get engine turn over nor will the 10 kw generator, all chassis services not effective. Any suggestions?
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