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  1. westmc

    Engine cooling

    Yes it is a gas 8.1 liter GM
  2. westmc

    Engine cooling

    I have a 2004 Damon Challenger with 91.000 miles on it. It has started overheating the last couple of years. I had the cooling system flushed out last summer. It still gets to hot. I just took the electric AC condenser fans off and used a coil cleaner (safe on aluminum) to clean the AC condenser and all the the radiator I could get to. My question would I improve the cooling if I installed bigger CFM electric fans than the factory ones? Thanks Dan
  3. I have a 2004 Damon Challenger on a Workhorse W22 chassis .I'm looking for two things 1. a wiring diagram 2. fuse panel locations (I have found one under drivers side dash, One under the hood and one in the breaker panel in bedroom ) are there any others? I have a hot wire that blew the fuse. I have checked all of the fuses in the panels I listed they all checked out ok. Thanks for any help Dan
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