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  1. We called FMCA and they found the best policy for us. Saved us loads of $$$ with better coverage. They quoted the best for us with Nationwide, we are from Montana and because of the many folks evading sales tax taking advantage of the LLC here the rates for MH is higher than other states. So he told me, but everything else expensive here because we are so big a state with so few people.
  2. Hartford is great for rates, but wait till you need them for coverage./we carried everything with Hartford... house, cars boat, MH. Had an issue on the roof and it took a year to get the claim settled after having to go to the Insurance commission in our state. If you don't mind the aggrivation in poor coverage they're great!
  3. so what company are you with currently? We have Nationwide and they gave us a much better rate through FMCA but we have not had our renewal yet. thanks diane
  4. May I ask you what kind if rig your insuring? We have Hartford currently also through AARP was thrilled when we got it because we had the house, boat, motor home truck and 2 cars. One of them a BMW and they are generally spendy to insure. They saved us 600. A year so we were thrilled. Have since sold boat, have new much larger coach, and got rid of beamer in lue of jeep to tow. Last year we had some serious damage to our house to tune if 80,000 and were still not fighting with them to get everything covered. They have made our lives **** to be blunt. Maybe if they drop premium for a year after claim I'll stay with them. Lol
  5. We have Good Sam and they wrote us up with National General. We have our house and cars with Hartford and they gave us pretty good rate for the new coach. But we have learned the hard way with Hartford....ya get what a pay for. We were underwritten through AARP and they saved us 600 a year. Last march we had over 80,000 damage to our home and Hartford has made our lives miserable. Its now a year later and were still not settled. I finally got the State Insurance Commission involved ...guess what? They are finally movin and shaken. I doubt we will go with them . Thinking National through FMCA pretty good quote.
  6. We are with National General and it's quite high but we live in Montana and they did full replacement cost plus 8,000 for personal property. We store 4 months out of the year and premium goes down to about a third. They are great to work with but I need to find something different till we start traveling again. Got a quote from Safco it was cheaper but did not feel to comfy with fact they do not do replacement cost and said they do agreed value which is what we paid for it. Got one today from FMCA with National and it also had purchased price on it. They added road side assistance for 750.00 but we have coach net which we are real pleased. We has old motor home with our house and 3 cars with AARP Hartford but we have just spent a year fighting with them to get close to $80,000 in damage to our house covered. Finally had to go to Insurance Commissioner here in Montana to get things done. Guess for now switch to National and when we go full time when this virus is over switch back to NG.
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