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  1. The governing board is like any other politician, they are in it for the financial reward. I would love to travel around the country with expenses paid. You can tell by reading the message from the president articles, he is clueless. The following written by a forum member I frequent and about sums it up. "As FMCA members, we have seen them struggle to determine who they are and their value. Historically they functioned as a way to create community - but with the rise of social media that doesn’t have an out of pocket cost to participate in RV social circles (well, no cost besides giving your personally identifiable information to a company who repeatedly sells your information to highest bidder) FMCA has been trying to figure out how to be relevant.They don’t seem to have figured out who they are. As mentioned, the business world is littered with the corpses of once prominent and iconic companies, who lost their way and lost their sense of who they are when a disruptive technology came along.Hopefully FMCA can find their identity in this new digital world and bring value to RVers and the RV industry."
  2. https://www.rvtravel.com/fmca-trouble/
  3. Typical of Fmca. Let we underlings hear it from outside.
  4. Chris Smith leaving or has left FMCA.
  5. You can have a breakdown anywhere any time. I don't drive my motorhome from storage to get fuel without my toad. You do know you cant drive the mh in the park.
  6. He posted on Friday and hasn't been back on the forum since his post, so I would assume he found a toad and needs no further help.
  7. I just Googled "rv towed vehicles for sale in az" and there are dozens available.
  8. I suggest you look on Facebook Marketplace in your area.
  9. Do you have Google maps? I would avoid traveling during the Labor Day timeframe.
  10. Ford has had problems for 10+ years. They bought back a friends Ford after they put in 3 transmissions between Dallas and Birmingham, AL. First one was in Shreveport, next in Jackson, MS and last one in Birmingham. They left the car there and drove back home in the motorhome. It took almost 90 days but they did get a full refund plus the cost of the baseplate.
  11. Many members have found local dealers with better prices than the FMCA program. Apparently you never checked local prices.
  12. Contact the sender if you need clarifications or you have questions.
  13. The Newmar Dutch Star with a 450hp is hands down better than the 40' Forza with a 340hp.
  14. Since you're vague with your question, I'm not sure you will get many or at least any worthwhile answers. A Winnie 340 engine and a Newmar 450 engine only tells us the HP of the engine. There is a huge difference in those two engines. Which year and model Winnie, which year and model Newmar. Will you be towing, if so, how and what? Do you plan to sleep or just transport six people? You will need a fairly large motorhome if you plan to sleep six people. This forum is loaded with members who have been traveling this continent for decades. Many of us have crossed the continental divide numerous times and at various elevations. Its possible to drive from Georgia to California on I-10 and I-20 and encounter nothing greater than a few big hills.
  15. A motorhome is a terrible investment.
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