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  1. Welcome and proud of you for reading your manuals since many don't.
  2. I wonder if the OP bought it since its listed as sale pending? Oops, wrong coach.
  3. For you train enthusiasts out there, here is the route and schedule of the next Big Boy No 4014 tour.https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR0I1YL6_kAEfvEBbF71EAkp3KX_gXPjuHd3_fKWu8GabkmXctSHQgnGC3k
  4. Oh to be young again. You did a 3-4 month trip for me in less than a month. You saw some beautiful country and now that you've been, pick out 3 or 4 of those places to go back and spend the same amount of time.
  5. That sounds like a fair price especially with them coming to take the chairs out and then reinstalling them.
  6. Seems like if its not one thing its something else! At least you don't have to worry about when the DEF Head failure is going to leave you stranded someplace.
  7. I went to the link you provided and I'm an Prime customer, $17.96 and I get it tommoroow with free delivery from Amazon.
  8. I'm sure the Amazon would be free shipping.
  9. I often wonder if theses are the same people that cheat on their income taxes.
  10. MCD has some really good troubleshooting information on their website.
  11. Brand and model of shade would help. Manual or electric?
  12. Carl, she contacted NIRV yesterday and got Brett Davis involved, Spartan is shipping her a DEF head today. Do you think it had anything to do with her having a 2022 London Aire on order with NIRV? I understand the DEF head cost is now almost $900. plus installation.
  13. Her yellow light has been on for at least 5 days. The following is an interesting read but just because its on the internet, I ain't beleiving it. "I've been reading up on the DeRate aspect of a DEF Header failure. It appears that some OEMs have reached an agreement with the EPA to allow an Emergency Authorization Override that allows the DeRated vehicle to operate without the DEF system for a period of time. There is some reporting requirements but that sure beats sitting on the side of some roadway in "who knows wheresville".Also, Cummings/Freightliner appears to have either a reset or override triggered by a series of key turns and power resets that may help some get to a Service Center without a tow.Happened across this on the other forum:"Anyway... that night, I put the key to the left for two hours as suggested by Freightliner who said that sometimes clears the codes. In the morning, per a youtube video, I shut off the chassis batteries for 15 minutes. I also unplugged and turned off the house batteries for good measure. After 15 minutes, I turned the key to the right halfway not starting the engine. I let the system power up for 15 seconds or so and turned the key back off. I repeated that procedure 4 times and then started the engine. I still had the red stop engine light on and I assume I was still d-rated. I let the engine run a while... I'll guess at least 5 minutes. It sure seemed like a long time. After a couple of minutes, the flashing red low def level light went off and the gauge read correctly at 3 green bars. After several more minutes, the Red stop engine light went off and the system was normal. Excited to avoid a tow or a mobile tech, I started the 41-mile drive to Velocity in Tucson. After 10 miles, the orange service engine light came on and the DEF level flashed red, and it remained so the rest of the way. ....."
  14. My previous motorhome on FTL chassis did that once to me and your correct, maybe 5 seconds but felt like it was instantaneous. I had some warranty work done on the cooling system and they didn't get the the sensor for the coolant overflow tank in securely and when it finally fell off it showed no coolant and shutdown.
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