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  1. Flat towing 2019 Jeep Cherokee

    They do not accumulate miles on the odometer when being towed.
  2. Inverter turning off

    Lyle, Magnum's customer service will gladly step you thru the setup.
  3. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Wow...my lifelong dream may be possible. Imagine a round trip cruise to Chicago where you could lay on the beach and have drinks with little umbrellas brought to you by the locals.
  4. Inverter turning off

    Hi, Lyle, you can also call the number on the drivers window 24/7 for assistance. Let us know what you find out please.
  5. Newmar Ventana LE Sewer hose

    It does rotate, moves up and down, and you may need to get a shorter elbow.
  6. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Herman, measure twice and cut once can apply to editing a topic. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Auxiliary Air Tank

    Hang on guys. I don't have a connection in the rear of my coach to supply air from a wrecker but I do have a air supply on the rear of my coach to supply air to my M&G braking system on my toad. I would not remove the Air Force 1 system, if that is in fact what it is, but I would check it for air leaks because you may eventually want to tow four down and need the air supply.
  8. Auxiliary Air Tank

    AirForce 1 braking system has an auxiliary air tank for the toad.
  9. Roadside Assistance

    How do they define "a qualified repair center"?
  10. Ticks and Opossums

    Did you do good or well in English class? There was a two legged possum from Texas that was known world wide...remember?
  11. Westward winter migration

    Corpus received very little damage from the hurricane. Rockport and Port Aransas are up and running as we speak.
  12. Exterior Maintenance - Cleaning and Waxing Fiberglass

    Just be aware that Dawn will remove any wax and the lemon juice is acidic. Before doing bodywork and/or painting a car, we would wash it with Dawn.
  13. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Joe, Carl should be the resident expert on Galveston Rv parks.
  14. Tankless water heater parallel to Aquahot

    Good job. Where are you getting the chrome extensions?
  15. Diesel and Gasoline Prices

    I use Gas Buddy for diesel pricing.