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  1. The problem with finding an RV park is most parks are already booked for this summer. I don't know if Homeland Security allows it but long term parking at the airport maybe an option. RV dealer lots are pretty empty because they can't get inventory so they may lease out some space. If you're going to need power, you're pretty much limited to a campground. Good luck.
  2. What does the owners manual say about recreational vehicle towing?
  3. Carl, I'm not sure we get any discount at Stripes. The TDS App doesn't indicate that. Have you used it at Stripes and received a discount?
  4. I think that is a wise choice since they aren't willing to use more moderators. iRV2 has at least a dozen admins and mod's, all volunteers, but the big thing they use is a report button on every post. With that button, every member becomes a jr moderator and by reporting posts the mods can then react quickly to delete and ban the poster. I know there is a report button on this forum but I've reported numerous posts and it is either never or several hours before its taken down. It sad to think a forum of this size is administered by 2 people and one of those has a full time job. You need at least 8 with 2 in each time zone. With all that being said, I'll miss some of the posters since I chose sometime ago to not renew my membership. Honestly - there are none of the benefits I see beneficial other than the Medi Evac and like lots of insurance, I choose to self insure. Good luck guys and gals, see ya down the road.
  5. Herman, He probably meant Willow Park which is between Fort Worth and Weatherford. The biggest difference I see in Spartan and FTL is the difference in the number of dealers. It seems to me there are many more FTL dealers and I understand most FTL dealers work on Spartan. It would most likely only be an issue for warranty work. All of the newer Dutch Stars are side radiator which is a huge maintenance benefit but you do loose the outside storage bay.
  6. Does anyone know what happened to Tom? Sorry for hijacking a 12 year old thread.
  7. Actually, thats where I would have started rather than on this forum. The OP may find out none are allowed.
  8. Google lists many in the Las Vegas area.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out how one can write out H2O, water?
  10. As my post read, "no error codes". Yes it has a lifetime warranty but I need the original receipt and thats going to be fun finding the receipt. I can't remember where I bought it.
  11. I unplugged from my portable Progressive EMS and plugged direct to the pedestal and all works well. No error code on the Progressive EMS. I had a similar problem about 6 months ago. I had a bad blade on the male shore connector or so I thought. It would work fine if plugged into the pedestal but not if plugged into the Progessive. I changed the male plug and its worked until now. When I unplugged the cord from the Progressive, I noticed one of the blades was bent so I'm wondering if the Progressive has a bad female plug. 120VAC on L 1 & 2 verified with EMS and VOM. Like
  12. I solved this problem but now have a different one. I unplugged from my portable Progressive EMS and plugged direct to the pedestal and all works well. Thanks, guys.
  13. I've been losing shore power on and off today. I start my genset and use until the power is restored. The last time it would not switch back to 50 amp shore power. Everything works as it should on genset power but when I turned the genset off, it goes to inverter rather than shore. The inverter seems to be working fine. Could it be the transfer switch? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  14. Magna Shade. Easy on and off. https://www.magneshade.com/
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