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  1. elkhartjim

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I don't remember Roy Clark on Laff In but I do remember him from Hee Haw.
  2. elkhartjim

    Cummins 340hp 6.7 ISB oil dipstick

    Bill is spot on. Many of the ISB dipsticks are out of calibration. I found this out when I had my first oil change at Gaffney. I don't remember exactly but I think I was 2 qts short according to the dipstick.
  3. elkhartjim

    Opinions Please -- 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4037

    I knew you would appreciate the Newmar differences. Gig'em Aggies
  4. elkhartjim

    Will Dish Wally work with older KVH?

    KVH could give you the most accurate answer.
  5. elkhartjim

    Avoiding Sales Tax

    When an individual evades paying sales tax by titling the vehicle in Montana, is the vehicle titled in the individuals name or a shell LLC name? Like Wayne wrote earlier, several states are making efforts to crack down on these tax cheats and with the financial penalties charged it gets rather expensive.
  6. elkhartjim

    Avoiding Sales Tax

    As long as you were a legal resident of Montana and not just using a shell address there probably won't be a problem. If you were not a legal resident in Montana then you may be opening a very expensive can of worms when you try to register it in Florida.
  7. elkhartjim

    Tip For Keeping Your Black Water Tank Clean

    Calgone for some reason is getting more difficult to find so I'm going to try Borax as a substitute.
  8. elkhartjim

    Texas winter weather

    I thought with global warming we were doomed in just a few years.
  9. elkhartjim

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    The mesquite trees are budding in the Texas Hill Country.
  10. elkhartjim

    Windshield Wipers

    Roll pin? You making biscuits or pie crust? The devil made me say it now back to the topic. Like others have said, the motor shaft looks good so it must be the splines in the arm are bad.
  11. elkhartjim

    RV to Sedona From Northridge CA

    If you're towing 10,000 pounds with a gasser you are going to have one heck of a trip. The trailer does have brakes doesn't it?
  12. elkhartjim

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    Richard, I didn't read anything in Mike's posts to indicate anyone should panic but once that word is used it starts to take root. I look forward to hearing Mike explain why diesel or as far as that goes, all fuel fluctuates in price even when crude pricing is staying relatively stable. I believe its very simple, supply and demand.
  13. elkhartjim


    We need to have christening party for we local Hill Country folks. We're going to Kerrville tomorrow for a songfest.
  14. elkhartjim

    Super Bowl

    I watched maybe 30 minutes of the game and the only commercial I paid much attention to was the NFL one. I spent most of my time at the feed trough enjoying a great Tex-Mex buffet and margaritas plus spent some time out on the balcony overlooking Canyon Lake enjoying the sunshine and 74 degree temperature. The half time show was like all the shows the past few years, they are geared to a much younger age group. I understand the censors had to bleep out several words from one of the performers.
  15. elkhartjim

    Program Freightliner dash display

    Click on the link I provided and it walks you through all the settings.