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  1. Sounds appropriate and reasonable. Pay anyone with an insufficient funds check and it will cost you.
  2. Thanks, Joe. It doesn't appear the WEX Card is honored at any of the major "truck" fueling stations or at least they don't show any. I can't find where the Comdata Card is accepted at all.
  3. Are you referring to the clockspring associated to an airbag? https://www.rvchassisparts.com:8443/aparvchassis/runApp?id=5 http://www.douglasautotech.com/departments/service-parts/ Check this file 1900043 https://www.vipwheels.com/technical-support This should get you started.
  4. I occasionally purchase fuel at a local Shell station with automatic cut off at $75 and I've used the same card, Visa from Capital One, as many as 4 times consecutively.
  5. I'm always amazed when some will drive several miles to saves a few cents and the hold time you're burning $3 fuel looking to save a nickel. To each their own and thankfully I'm not to the point financially I need to worry about saving a few dollars driving to a station and finding out I can't get in there. I remember seeing some time ago, "its funny watching an rver driving a $500,000.00 rig looking for a cheap place to stay".
  6. DD, I went over to iRV2 and the company sends out daily the price of fuel at stations that honor their card. Of course the prices may change daily but in most cases it appears the best discounts are at Loves. It appears the discount is about 40 cents per gallon off the published cash price. Its interesting for sure.
  7. I came across this today and looks like an interesting discount program for diesel fuel. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/ Any of you aware of this program?
  8. What does the manual say regarding rv flat towing? You can also look in the FMCA Towable Guide.
  9. Have you tried Googling the part number?
  10. elkhartjim


    That's where you have an advantage, Kay, with your experience you can DIY whereas I have to take it to someone and pay them to learn how to repair it for my coach. I can easily change a mechanical electrical switch but I'm clueless if a touchpad starts going weird.
  11. elkhartjim


    Hey guys, aren't we missing a point? The tow ratings the OP published is the rating of the hitch which doesn't automatically mean he can tow a 15,000 tank. IMHO, these motorhomes are getting too much electronic gadgetry. I don't need a touch screen to turn my lights on/off or to raise/lower my shades.
  12. I saw on another forum he resolved his problem. He had less than a 1/4 tank of fuel and it took awhile to purge the air.
  13. This should help. https://cdn.ltvdns.com/leisurevans.com/owners/3rdparty/Cummins-Onan-RV-Generator-Handbook.pdf Thi
  14. Good response, Kay. As we all know, there is a lot of erroneous information on the web and many times it takes some digging to get to the real facts. Of course, by human nature we all want to hear what we believe...right or wrong.
  15. Disregard the hitch rating and abide by the GCWR. You need to load the coach with passengers, full fuel, food, clothing, etc just as if you were leaving on a trip, hook up the Jeep and go weight the complete unit to make sure you're not exceeding your GCWR.
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