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  1. Carl, we'll have some temperature swings from Colombia, Panama Canal to Machu Picchu. Brett, the seas were exceptionally calm even with 20 knot winds yesterday.
  2. I'm just south of Cuba on the Silversea ship Silver Shadow and its a hot 82° F.
  3. Newmar has specific procedures for the full wall slide. If you will share which year, model and make you have, you will possibly get a more accurate answer. The chassis doesn't dictate which procedure you use, the box sitting on the chassis dictates.
  4. Is Coulter Bay your destination or are you staying here to visit Yellowstone and the Tetons? I stayed there several years ago and the sites were all adequate for my 38 foot motorhome. I usually want a park thats clean with good power centrally located to the attractions. You're about an hour from Yellowstone and can easily drive another 75-100 miles a day inside the park.
  5. The handicap floor plan is available in the Dutch Star 4311, Canyon Star 3911 and the Ventana 4311 models. When a used one hits the market it only lasts a few days.
  6. FYI, the TSD card will only work at the pumps in the truck lanes.
  7. Jaws 2, you might want to check out the program with TSD Logisitcs. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/
  8. My 3 heat pumps will automatically switch over to the Oasis at 38˚F. Dometic Stat controller.
  9. This is the program being discussed. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/
  10. My vent cap is removable but unfortunately its only removable by removing the screws from inside. Mike, I've responded to your private messages but I don't know if you're seeing them.
  11. One quick look at the Camping World Holdings Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements will confirm the huge debt to equity ratio and just as importantly the cash flow to equity ratio and their cash to equity ratio. I started noticing a few months ago the emails with huge sales from Camping World that were coming in every other day it seemed and thats when I started looking at their financials. They need cash badly.
  12. They aren't called Streaking Beacon for nothing!
  13. According to the TSD RV Fuel program Facebook page, Pilot Flying J is now offering a greater discount than Loves. This program continues to get better and better. I don't know if PFJ will have a similar app so we can start the pump before getting out of the ocach but if not I bet it'll be sooner than later.
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