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  1. The only negative I've read is the active aero shutters option can make for a difficult baseplate install.
  2. We found while traveling this past summer, to stay off the interstates as much as possible but instead use secondary roads. I never could find out what happened to the billions and billions of dollars that a previous administration allocated for shovel-ready projects to repair and maintain our interstate highway system.
  3. Fishing Bridge, inside Yellowstone, has full hook ups. We stayed at Grizzly on the west side of the park. Colter Bay is good but not really convenient to Yellowstone or the Tetons. We stay on the west side of Glacier and be mindful that the Going to the Sun Highway doesn't open until late June at the earliest.
  4. It may be possible to over extend your levelers and/or raise a wheel off the ground.
  5. I rarely participate in the FMCA forum anymore and yes it seems to be dying. I spend my time on rvforums.com. It's a relatively new forum but already has 25,000+ members. I will continue to keep my membership for the Medi-evac benefit. When that gets dropped I won't have any reason to remain a member.
  6. Newmar has specific guidelines for sealants; I would ask Forest River for advice.
  7. Maybe this will help. https://www.mortonsonthemove.com/best-rv-roof-sealants/
  8. We recently got back from our 3½ month summer trip and we were in several areas where there were tour buses. Almost every bus was on Toyos. Why anyone would pay a premium for Michelin's name is beyond me.
  9. Have you tried cleaning the faucet aerator?
  10. As I read this, you have two issues (?). A wire is shorting, blowing a fuse (?), or sparking when you connect it to the positive battery post and the other issue is your generator won't start. Am I correct?
  11. Do you have a shower miser valve? Do you have an automatic setting to fill fresh water? It is always beneficial to identify year, make, and model of your rv. We have no way of knowing if you're asking about a pop-up trailer or a Newell.
  12. I can't think of any organizations that will recommend where you should claim home. That's a personal decision only you, your tax advisor, and possibly your attorney can help you on.
  13. From the last rally attendance numbers, not only is the forum hemorrhaging but FMCA is generally fading away. I can only imagine the number of vendors will drastically decline at the next rally. Has anyone else noticed the number of single posters? A member asks one question and never comes back to the forum. I can only attribute this to there being several excellent rv forums where if someone asks a question they will get sometimes dozens of answers.
  14. Have you asked the providers of Moxee?
  15. We've been traveling for a month and we have yet to stay in a full park. The parks have been anywhere from 50% to 80% full and albeit they aren't "resorts", they have all been excellent parks in desirable areas. We have already decided that next year we will go back to the pre covid travel by the seat of our pants style. We are in Berlin, Ohio at Scenic Hills RV Park and at 5PM on Sunday, the park is maybe 30% full. Friday and Saturday nights it was maybe 75% full.
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