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  1. Brett, They haven't had any measurable rain in almost a year. The drought is the major factor with the big fire (20,000 acres) in the Davis Moutanins near the McDonald Observatory. It was started by lightning a few weeks ago and is finally contained. The problem on the two roads I mentioned is hitting high center. Old Ore is limited to 4x4 only.
  2. It's always advisable to check with a ranger before venturing down an unknown road. A high clearance vehicle is needed much more than 4 wheel drive one. I used the winch on my Jeep to pull a mini van off high center my last trip and strongly suggested he turn around as he was going from where I had been and wouldn't make it. For all I know, he is still out there - hard head! Brett, you wouldn't make it through several parts of the west end of River Road or most all of old Ore Road in a VW now.
  3. Westward winter migration

    Corpus received very little damage from the hurricane. Rockport and Port Aransas are up and running as we speak.
  4. Exterior Maintenance - Cleaning and Waxing Fiberglass

    Just be aware that Dawn will remove any wax and the lemon juice is acidic. Before doing bodywork and/or painting a car, we would wash it with Dawn.
  5. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Joe, Carl should be the resident expert on Galveston Rv parks.
  6. Tankless water heater parallel to Aquahot

    Good job. Where are you getting the chrome extensions?
  7. Diesel and Gasoline Prices

    I use Gas Buddy for diesel pricing.
  8. Alignment

    Does it drive like it needs a new alignment, are your tires showing abnormal wear? If yes, then a new alignment may be needed. Make sure they check the ride height and make sure it's correct before doing the alignment.
  9. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    A lot of the larger campgrounds have carts for rent.
  10. TOAD Vehicle Base Plate

    You just better be sure what you're bolting to or welding to is strong enough and that it's bolted or welded to something strong.
  11. Isn't that the truth. I don't understand why there hasn't been a law passed to deactivate a phone while moving. If nothing else, deactivate the texting ability of the phone while moving. The technology is there.
  12. Pads For Jacks

    I posted the link immediately after your first request, Wayne. Scroll up....sheeesh back at you.😜
  13. Pads For Jacks

    At the risk of changing the thread subject, here ya go. 1. Google RV Geeks leveling pads. 2. Click on the appropriate topic. 3. When their page comes up, highlight and copy the website address. 4. Go back to the FMCA thread and paste the address. 5. Now you owe me a cinnamon roll.
  14. Pads For Jacks

    Here you go, Wayne. http://www.thervgeeks.com/our-favorite-gear/utility-block-rv-leveling-blocks-4-pack/
  15. Towed Automatic?

    I hope some of this information is helping the OP.