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  1. elkhartjim

    Kenwood KTV M707

    He indicated the Kenwood is his "monitor" also. If he is referring to his rearview monitor, single DIN would sure make for a small monitor.
  2. Probably one of the most overlooked annual maintenance items is checking that the terminals in the ATS are tight. I agree with Brett, a loose connection caused this problem.
  3. Byron, in my experience I prefered finding a young guy willing to learn and work as an apprentice (helper) to a body man or painter and train them to our standards. Some of those young men are now earning close to six figures a year, one owns his on body shop. You are exactly correct, Byron, vocational schools are floundering because society has pushed college degrees concept or you'll never amount to anything attitude. Of course that degree may be in eastern European basket weaving but by golly you got a degree and a $50,000 student loan to repay. Hopefully that graduate will find a company thats willing to train them to work with their hands. Somebody come kick me off my soapbox before I tell you how I really feel.
  4. elkhartjim

    Kenwood KTV M707

    Welcome to the forum. My suggestion is to Google replacement for Kenwood model xxx.
  5. What do you think, Bill, you want to be the first investor?
  6. I've often had the same thoughts and the need is not just limited to the Houston area. Here is your problem: "Would such a new venture be able to find and retain high quality, highly trained, customer focused service technicians?". When I had my paint and body shop in the Conroe area, that was always the problem. It didn't matter what I paid, the training provided, the benefits, etc, I always had a hard time retaining people. Even more difficult was finding qualified employees or employees we could train unless I paid them like they had 20 years experience. Just my thoughts and experience.
  7. elkhartjim

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Thank goodness I have an Oasis system.....Gatorade lime green.
  8. elkhartjim


    When did this start happening? Before or after you started towing 8000#?
  9. elkhartjim

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I have to chuckle just a bit when I read the title beating the high cost of fuel. I remember when diesel was almost $5 per gallon about 10 years ago so when I fill up today and pay almost $2 a gallon less than that, I'm ecstatic.
  10. elkhartjim

    Best Towed Car Braking System

    I just read the thread and I can't find what you're saying is outdated. Can you please point out which braking system is outdated? Thanks.
  11. elkhartjim

    Aqua Hot 450D

    I'm not going to comment on the Aqua Hot since apparently my Oasis system is different, ie. 50:50 mixture I guess is what AH uses(?).
  12. elkhartjim

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Correct, draining or adding rv antifreeze to the water lines but the heating coils are full of glycol, Carl.
  13. elkhartjim

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Aren't you just winterizing the hot water lines? I have an Oasis system and the only thing in the heater to my knowledge is the glycol fluid. There isn't any water stored in the heater. Maybe I'm all wet, pun intended.
  14. elkhartjim

    Lake Tahoe

    Check out Zephyr Cove Rv Park. Enjoy.
  15. elkhartjim

    Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    I love it when somebody recommends replacing the 5000# hitch on the motorhome with a 10,000# hitch to increase the towing capacity. That will solve all your towing issues - NOT!