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  1. I remember a statement Brett made some time ago--its impossible to balance an egg.
  2. I've performed the required annual maintenance on my Oasis including replacing the summer loop pump. The summer loop pump is accessed from the back side but easily gotten to from the opposite side basement door. Joe, Oasis oriented the unit so all the annual maintenance is performed simply be removing the front panel. A friends AH is serviced from side panel and not easily accesable.
  3. We were there a few years ago and some guy had his 5th wheel wedged in a 16A tunnel pretty solid. I guess he thought if a tour bus could make it he could too.
  4. What Bill....you think I can't maneuver a 44 ft motorhome through those tunnels? Steak night at the Alpine Inn in Hill City and go for dessert as often as possible.
  5. The cats out of the bag now, Carl. This weekend I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make campground reservations for travel beginning June 1. We got reservations at Rafter J and Elkhorn Ridge in South Dakota and Tiger Run in Breckenridge. The rest will be as needed.
  6. I'm currently using park Wifi but often use either my Verizon cell hotspot or Paula's ATT hotspot for streaming. I do not have a booster and can usually stream via cell phone if either of us has mediocre cell reception. Check Wilson and see if they have a mount that would work. https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/accessories/mounts?utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=Wilson+Antennas&utm_source=adwords&utm_term=wilson antenna mount&hsa_kw=wilson antenna mount&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_tgt=kwd-3043628683&hsa_mt=e&hsa_acc=5776060852&hsa_ver=3&hsa_cam=168952074&hsa_ad=231314104298&hsa_grp=8960175594&hsa_src=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2PP1BRCiARIsAEqv-pShYKAg3jgu77OzeDqLO4pJP0l2-kguRf9o6AFZNWvYHZPtXQcnMpAaAoeIEALw_wcB
  7. We've taken this opportunity to spend time in northern New Mexico. The park in Angel Fire is first class, https://angelfirervresort.com/ . The day we drove to Red River, NM, it was raining when we left Angel Fire but then turned to snow driving over the Palo Flechado Pass (9000 ft). The restaurants are only doing takeout in NM so we've been eating in mostly, besides, I can cook a better than average meal on my pellet cooker. We've made reservations at Rafter J Bar Ranch in the Custer area of SD in early June, back to Spicewood, TX for 4th of July celebration and then to upstate NY for most of July and August. We have a 21 days Baltic cruise scheduled August 21 but that is still up in the air. Air travel is our major concern. Other than that, we're getting our fill of Netflix.
  8. I hope you took time to watch the video even though it is lengthy. It has some important information that most rv owners don't take into consideration plus its not much longer than the nightly news which is filled with half truths and lots of false information.. Thanks for sharing, Bill.
  9. Mine is in Mine is in the rear closet even though I really don't need it. I tested it one day and the monitor will pick up the sensors from 78 feet without the booster.
  10. Sounds to me you need a better TPMS. If I should lose a signal I get an indication of that. Maybe you should install a repeater if you're losing a signal in such a small RV.
  11. Huh? You lost your bet with me at least. I can easily carry my TST monitor to each wheel position on my 45 foot coach and my toad while hooked up without dropping a signal.
  12. DocJ, I just read your post and like you I've never seen an insurance company provide anymore than they are contractually obligated to and often its a battle to get them to cover what they have agreed to. Ross, I guess my mind is made up to to believe what their contract says rather than what you say...right or wrong.
  13. Someone mentioned another benefit I was unaware of, "FMCA retains lobbyist on behalf of we RV'ers". I've never heard of a piece of legislation coming out of Washington due to FMCA lobbyist. Is this factual? Smitty, can you comment please?
  14. Carl, Loves in Three Rivers is $1.40 with the card,
  15. Bill, looking at it from a business standpoint, reduce staff, go strictly to electronic magazine and lower the annual dues to bring in more members. I like your idea of giving away a one year membership with new coaches sold. Make the FMCA Assist an optional program with a separate charge. Not to turn this into a political scene but you can't tax your way out of a financial crisis and by continuing to raise the dues thats exactly what they are doing. We always had a saying in sales that its much easier and less expensive to retain a customer than to get a new customer. If they are truly losing 1000+ members a month, they need to do something quickly or they won't exist in a matter of a few years. Escapees has kept their dues at less than $40 for some time and their membership growth has been descent. Sorry Herman, but I would never walk up to a complete stranger and have a conversation on the merits of FMCA. Why? Other than med assist and a tire program that I question the value of, what does FMCA have to offer? I know, rallys! Like DocJ, I have no interest driving halfway across the country to park shoulder to shoulder with 2000 RV's and go to a seminar. The majority of younger folks don't have the time or interest.
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