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  1. Why don't you renew with your current provider or do what Bill suggested?
  2. elkhartjim

    RV GPS

    Welcome to the forum. Once, on a ferry, they required I turn the propane off at the tank. Some tunnels also have this requirement. My current coach is all electric but my prior coach, with propane, was not a problem in the 10 years of ownership.
  3. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    I guess because you have chosen to make it so.😀 Have a nice day.
  4. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    I have you to know my hand pump has a Briggs & Stratton motor.😀
  5. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    If you looked at the video, it was of a split rim wheel.
  6. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    Since I'm the one that raised the first question, let me respond this way, of course any tire mounted with a split ring should only be inflated inside a cage. My point is simply this, I bought my first motorhome in 1974, AMF Skamper on a Dodge truck chassis. It did not have split ring wheels and to my knowledge there was never a motorhome built with split ring wheels. I'm confused why the OP included in his post the use of a cage and the split ring wheel when it doesn't apply to motorhomes or towables.
  7. elkhartjim

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    I stopped asking when I either got a "huh?" on the phone or a deer in the headlights look when standing at the counter. It amazing how many campground employees have never heard of FMCA.
  8. elkhartjim

    Brake Buddy Locks Toad Wheels

    Maybe its just me but I think I would follow the instructions you were given from Brake Buddy tech support.
  9. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    BM02TJ, have you ever seen a split ring on a motorhome? The only split rings I've seen in the last several years are used on large off road equipment. Lots of Jeep owners use bead lock wheels so they can air down when off roading but a bead lock is much different than a split ring wheel. Carl, the air pump comment was a tongue in cheek comment. The title of the post is Air Compressor & Tire Inspection but the photo is a photo of a pump.
  10. elkhartjim

    Air Compressor & Tire Inspection

    Isn't that an air pump? Does anyone use split rims on their motorhome or are split rims used at all? I haven't seen a cage in a tire shop in years. Inquiring minds want to know. EDIT: Please no derogatory pm's mister tireman.
  11. elkhartjim

    Keep or Trade Current Motorhome?

    Mike, I highly suggest you check reviews for newer year Thor products, you may decide to look at some other manufacturers.
  12. elkhartjim

    RV storage

    Roland, gives us an idea where you prefer to fly home from and we can be a little more help probably. As you know, there are several Texans on here and some are even know it alls.
  13. elkhartjim

    Set to travel

    😴😴😴😴😴 Carl got caught asleep at the wheel.
  14. elkhartjim

    Has your coach been used for target practice?

    Carl, the OP stated that during his visit "this past month" there were 9 other coaches there with similar damage. I would think this would be major news in the rving industry.
  15. elkhartjim

    Has your coach been used for target practice?

    Maybe its simply a financial situation. Think how much money the DOD can save by targeting expensive motorhomes rather than a military drone.