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  1. Isn't he FMCA prez? https://www.frvta.org/show/florida-rv-supershow/
  2. The state parks in Texas have handicap specific sites. Newmar has a HC floor plan and its my understanding when a used one hits RVTrader , its gone almost immediately.
  3. Help me out, Herman. How is discussing upgrading the FMCA software a political discussion; unless you're referring to the FMCA internal politics, which I have no knowledge of or interest in discussing.
  4. First rule of business, if you don't have the financial and manpower wherewithal, you don't undertake projects like this. One has to wonder what the benefit of this new upgrade is and can it be financially justified.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what are we supposed to start praising?
  6. As I read it the software upgrade to be done was the software running the "corporate" side of the business and the forum software wouldn't be involved. I guess I can't expect too much from a IT group that takes several weeks to upgrade a package. I wonder how they are managing their accounts receivable and payables not to mention payroll during the time their systems are inoperable. It may be Big Chief tablets and #2 pencils time.
  7. Have you called the Freightliner 24/7 helpline. The ABS may have set a code that can help identify the issue. Sounds like a fuel issue but the ABS light throws a wrench into the equation. You said you drained but didn't change the fuel filter. I would change it.
  8. I agree, Wayne. Corporate America upgrades, revises and changes software systems regularly and most users never realize it. Usually this takes place over a weekend. Ross, if they have 3 IT staffers and they can't complete a change over in a few days, they need a different 3. Having beta users test the new system would cost nothing so that shoots the financial reason out the window.
  9. We're in the Gunnison National Forest area where I took this photo at Lost Lake yesterday. The aspens are really showing their color.
  10. I had the exact same issue with my 2008 Fleetwood. Freightliner sent me a new wiring harness that I installed and never had another issue. Call the 24/7 help desk and explain your problem. It was a none issue during those years. Good luck.
  11. Pertaining to Buc'ee's allowing RV'ers, all the locations have signs at each entrance "no trucks". According to management, this is t stop the 18 wheelers from using them as rest stops. I've used the following Buc'ee's for fuel with no problems: Bastrop, New Braunfels, Katy, Texas City, Luling, Waller, Wharton, Madisonville, and Richmond. The store in Luling is too small and always very crowded.
  12. Speaking of liquor stores, we've been in Utah for the last couple of weeks and of course they only have state liquor stores but the problem we're having we went to 3 Mexican Restaurants yesterday before we found one with margaritas. Went to dinner at an upscale (based on price) restaurant last night and no wine service. We leave tomorrow for Ouray where will be able to get anything and everything, if you know what I mean.
  13. I'm not sure how many 40 foot motorhomes with a tag axle. Like Herman said, go to RV Trader and put in your specs and see what falls out.
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