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  1. I assume you've secured the cable that attaches the remote opener to the latch. I'm thankful the bay doors are as tight as they are and i'm sure every owner has developed a method of closure that works for them.
  2. Until someone local chimes in, Google is an amazing tool for things like this.
  3. Gas Buddy will give you the same information for diesel as it does for gasoline.
  4. I fueled yesterday at Loves in Troy, TX; the pump price was $3.049 and with the TSD card my discounted price was $2.769.
  5. Pilot stopped giving discounts about a year ago due to their contract with good Sam. If you use the TSD EFS app Open Roads, you will know the discounted price prior to fueling.
  6. A group of 8 motorhome owners developed an electronic work around. https://defsim.myervin.com/
  7. I will most likely renew with CoachNet and yes its more expensive but they seem to realize the difference in a motorhome and a roller skate.
  8. I realize that its customary to mostly see the negatives for a companies service. Since I'm about to renew my CoachNet policy, I would be curious if any members have some positive experiences to share with the FMCA Roadside Assistance.
  9. Wow. I removed my refrigerator and installed a new one in less than 2 hours and with no special equipment, well I did need my wife to help getting through the door. You're using a 14,000 pound lift to move a refrigerator that weighs a few hundred pounds.
  10. Here is an update reported to be from the EPA that was posted on another forum.Statement Regarding Failed Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) SensorsEPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have been working with the manufacturers of diesel vehicles and engines to address an issue related to the ongoing shortage of computer chips and the impact that has had on the availability of certain replacement parts. One part in particular, a sensor that monitors the quality of diesel emissions fluid (DEF), has been of concern because the failure of the part can lead to the vehicle being unable to operate. The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) on behalf of its member companies has proposed an industry wide approach that would provide a software solution for vehicles with failed parts to enable them to operate temporarily while the industry works to produce more replacement parts and that, long term, would provide replacement parts through a recall program. EPA and CARB have reviewed the proposed approach and believe it is appropriate for the companies to implement the proposed solution going forward as quickly as possible.The manufacturers must still develop new software code and test it to ensure the software can be installed on vehicles in the field. The companies expect that they will be able to begin fixing some vehicles with failed sensors as soon as this week. The companies will also make available a similar software update for vehicles whose sensors have not failed but are among a group of vehicles where such a failure could be expected to occur to prevent a sensor failure from disabling the vehicle. This updated software is likewise expected to be available to service centers in the coming weeks.For more information, please contact your dealer or service center.
  11. There are 1000's of these in service and to tag this a Consumer Safety Alert seems to be a little alarmist. I have the exact refer in my Newmar and in 4 years and 25,000 miles no issues.
  12. Personally I don't see this as some huge safety problem. This isn't close to the Norcold issues where people lost their lives.
  13. The most important requirement is the residential refer most likely has to be counter depth. That narrows the field quickly.
  14. https://m-gengineering.com/ Where are you located?
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