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  1. It is the remote sensor for one of the heating/cooling zones. It reports back to the thermostat.
  2. If you purchased the fan with your credit card check if you have buyer protection with your card agreement. I have used this before to refuse payment for disastisfatory purchases
  3. Your best bet is to get a copy of Woodalls or Trailer Life and look up the campgrounds available on your travel route Start making phone calls and inquiries as to their accommodations. This has worked for me in the past.
  4. I also have a 2008 Monaco Knight DFT There is no problem with the full wall slide on my coach it closes perfectly every time with no gaps anywhere I am sure that it can be adjusted to close correctly. as it should have been when it left the dealership and the factory. I am sure that tech support can assist you as they have been very helpful when I contact them about any issues except for warranty.
  5. you can contact New York State EZ Pass @ 1 800 333 8655 If you are towing you may have to tell them as you are charged by the axel for tolls I have two passes for my motor home one for just the motor home and one for when I am towing my toad or my trailer wit the motorhome
  6. I do have a Exclusionary warranty and it is their platinum plan, some of the issues are with Cummins in not providing an accurate and detailed cost of repairs to the warranty company. Cummins claimed they could not find a receiver dryer for my coach so I ended up buying it and sending it to Cummin Atlantic to facilitate the repairs. Cummins Atlantic never put in the breakdown claim the receiver dryer or the labor to install. I may still get paid for this from the warranty company. Yes I purchased the coach as new in October of 2009. I am more concerned with the 11.0 hrs of labor versus the 4.0 hrs from the warranty company and am mstill trying to find out what National labor standard guide lines the warranty company uses. and am cosidering filing a complaint with the New York State insurance Liscensing division. about AGWS
  7. I recently purchased a 2008 Monaco Knight that had no manufacturer's warranty due to Monaco filing bankruptcy. From the RV dealer, I purchased an extended warranty that covered everything (that is, until you have a breakdown). On our first trip returning from Florida with 4,500 miles on the odometer the A/C compressor siezed and broke the serpentine belt, leaving us stranded on I-95 in NC. We were towed to a Cummins Atlantic repair facility for repairs. The first hint that all would not go well is when I presented my Warranty to the service writer and her first comment was, "We don't deal with warranty companies." I advised her that they would not be able to do any work without prior notification to the warranty company and then left my coach there as we had to return to NY due to a medical emergency. When they called me and said the repair would cost $1,800 and the warranty company authorized $781.00 less my $100 deductible, I was stunned. I thought I had purchased breakdown protection ... boy, was I fooled. Cummins charged 11 hours labor, but warranty would only cover 4 hours. The flushing of the A/C system cost $159.84, but warranty woould only pay $33.47. The receiver dryer cost $99.67, and warranty paid $00. Shop supplies cost $ 69.12 , and warranty paid $00. The serpentine belt cost $35.47, and warranty paid $00. Final tally: Warranty Co. $681.94, policy holder $1,122.45. I have been fighting with the warranty company and Cummins for about a month with no sucess. Cummins insist their invoice was fair, but the warranty company says I was overcharged. So be very carefull in selecting an extended warranty company and where you have your coach repaired (if you can).
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