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  1. We have a 2019 Thor Hurricane34j and we tow a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4x4.. Jeep has the best vehicles to tow 4 down. We have a complete Roadmaster tow system. Roadmaster Base Plates and electronics, Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar, Roadmaster Invisibrake 8700. we wanted the simplest tow system. Just put Jeep transfer case in Neutral and hook vehicle to motorhome. Turn on lights on motorhome and it will charge battery on Jeep. Very happy with this setup.
  2. We use a new Tireminder A1AS With 10 transmitters. We have used Tireminder for several years. We are very pleased with the units and the customer Service.
  3. We use our Exxon Mobil account. They do limit you to $75.00 but if you start over you can fill up another $75.00. I have not had this problem with Loves or Pilot/flying J. I prefer to to use my gas cards.
  4. First things first. Check with your manufacturer. Call their customer service and give the vehicle information, they will tell you the weight capacity of your roof. A good rule of thumb, if your motorhome did not come with a ladder you may need to use a weight distribution board. That means it is not for walking on. We have a 2019 Thor Hurricane34j, it is rated for 300 lbs on the roof. Be very careful on the roof.
  5. We live in Southwest Florida And we originally had the Florida SunPass. The SunPass still only works in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. When the Orlando (Central Florida Expressway authority) issued Their E-pas Xtra, which covers all the EZ-pass 18 states, And all SunPass locations, I switched. Their transmitters are $18.50. you can contact them at: www.cfxway.com. Then you just add money to the account or use the automatic cc charge options. This transponder works with a towed vehicle also. You put your transponder in the motorhome and it will read both vehicles. If you have more than one transponder you put the dinghy transponder in its plastic anti signal bag and it won’t get read. Just let them know the tag numbers of both vehicles. If you visit Florida a lot this would be your best bet for a toll transponder. They have an iPhone and android app for phones and tablets. Hope this helps our FMCA friends.
  6. Thanks Manholt. if you go online (RVTOLLPASS.com) for details. The 14.99 is a monthly fee only when a toll is charged. The transponder is $94.95.
  7. For clarification, the Florida SunPass is still only accepted in Georgia and North Carolina. I purchased an E-PassXtra from the Orlando, Florida expressway authority, it is accepted at all SunPass locations AND 18 EZ-Pass states. It is also cheaper to buy than the other passes. It works the same as the other passes. One pass for motorhome and put the tow vehicles in the Anti signal pouch in the glove box of towed vehicle. The one pass will read the total axles (not wheels). There is also another toll pass: TransCore Introduces RV Toll Pass with Nationwide Coverage
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