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  1. Do you think the consolidation will give pause to anyone considering the purchase of a Newmar product?
  2. Is there a process that can be used so we can fill our Dutch Star DP. We have been limited to $100 dollars at the pump and in some cases could not get more by going to the attendant. Using several credit cards and sometimes moving to a new pump is time-consuming and does not make sense. Truckers have accounts at certain stations but that does not apply for our use. How do the road warriors handle this problem? Thanks!
  3. We drive defensively but cannot circumvent all the flying objects. On the higher speed freeways, we still drive at 65 to 70 mph. We had a 4x4 pickup pass us and pull in sharply on a highway that has three lanes each way. We were in the left lane going the speed limit at 65 mph. This guy flew by us like we were standing still and pulled in front of us with less than a half a car length to spare. As he speeds ahead he threw up a rock (object assumed) and of course cracked the windshield. You just cannot protect against all incidents, especially when there are so many idiots on the road. What his purpose was we did not know but we did get some consolation when we saw him pulled over by the highway patrol some miles down the road. I am guessing his ticket wasn't anywhere close to our windshield repair.
  4. We have a Tiffin 2016 36LA. The operation Manual for our coach is not the best. We're looking for the correct procedure for our house batteries when the coach goes into storage. From what we can tell it may be an automatic process when we shut down the 12-volt system for the coach, however that is an assumption on my part and I am looking for a definitive answer. Our house batteries are located in a very inaccessible location. One has to remove a step cover at the entryway of the coach and when completed servicing is difficult at best so hopefully the process is automated or a cutoff is located elsewhere that is not intuitive for the user. Many thanks to those that help us, newbies. - Jeff
  5. We just got back from the Naval Weapons Base in Seal Beach, CA. The access for on base RV parks is usually for Active, Retired (Military or DOD), or 100% Disabled Veterans. Typically if you do not have a military/DOD identification card it is difficult to get on base because of the security issues. A DD214 will not get you access. We just bought our RV so we are newbies. We bought a 2016 - 36' LA Allegro Open Road Class A coach. We're at the learning stage.
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