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  1. My A/C units seem to be working. However, after about 15 minutes they trip the Main Breaker on the Genny. The Genny keeps running, of course, without sending any juice back to coach. Has anyone run across this problem? For some background info, when I bought the coach in February I drove it north to PA, and have had some small issues from it not having been winterized. Could lack of winterization have caused something to go awry in the A/C units, to cause this problem? I have not hooked up to shore power to run a test to see if the A/C will trip the main breaker.
  2. Brett I think i may have solved the problem. I found the dipstick and it is not accessible. I could probably work it out to look at it, but never fill from it. So, I examined the pan and found some hosing running out of it. The hoses are to the same hoses that supple the power steering fluid, and both eventually go to the resevoir where the PS fluid is held and we can see that the tank is full (there is a glass bubble on resevoir allowing this). I presume it was designed that way fr easy filling and checking levels. Does this sound like it might be correct.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. I had a sneaky suspicion it might be thru the bedroom somewhere. Time to start looking
  4. I have a 1993 Allison 643 in my 1993 40' Vouge Prima Vista. Any suggestions on where to find the dipstick. My manual says it and the fill cap (I don't know the real name of the spot where you also put the fluid in) are one in the same and it is supposed to be on the side. My tech, who does not work on automatic transmissions, cannot seem to locate. Any suggestions ?
  5. Brett thanks for the input. I call the trickle charger a drip charger. I am pretty certain that the trickle maintains both, chassis and house. As the house batteries are fully charged and the chassis battery seems to be gaining some amps, sinc eyesterday. I will keep you posted. Here's another rookie question. Since, my house batteries charge off the engine alternator, is there any reason to run the generator while driving. Wouldn't the engine alternator handle the house batteries as they supply the internal appliances and whatever else is drawing?
  6. Is it OK to run the LP gas system while driving. My system operates the heat strips, hot water heater and gas stove. Oddly enough, so far, its the only system i have not had any trouble with... knock wood
  7. Wolfe, this was a nic e post. But, being new to motorhoming, I am still confused. I have been having some trouble starting my coach. The chassis battery seems to be running down and not putting out enough juice to turn the motor. I have it on a drip charger through the shore power connection. Some days it start without a problem, then others i have to get a jump. ( i have access to a service truck with a generator). When hooked up to the mobile jump, it starts instantly. Also, I ran it 2 days prior when i filled the LP tanks up,and drove about 9 miles. My chassis battery also starts the generator. Here are my questions: 1. Does the drip charger charge the chassis battery ? 2. With the Chassis Battery switch off, would there be any type of draw off the chassis battery, to run it down? 3. Could a couple of cold nights have drained the battery 4. Will drip charger eventually replenish the chassis battery, assuming the battery is still good, which i believe it is. Thanks for any thoughts you may have
  8. good news . . . solenoid fixed. next job, solenoid in the toilet. On order & should be an e-z fix. Winter 2 - Joe 0 I hope the dummy that sold it to me & did not tell me to watch for these issues, knew enough to drain water heater at the end of last season.
  9. Thanks Tim. I would like to know how it works out. And have concluded that winter usage involves a little roughing it.
  10. Tim, you have just hit the nail on the head. I have two solenoids that are bad. the one in my toilet and the one on the icemaker. I purchased my coach from a friend in Atlanta in mid January. It was not winterized, and although there was no water in any of the lines, i bet there was enough in the switches to cause damage when the small amount of water in them froze. Lesson learned. What do you suggest to prevent this from happening in the future. As a skiing family, in the northeast, we intend to use our coach in the winters.
  11. Thanks, Dall. I think you're right about the solenoid. I guess I'm gonna learn what one looks like and how to change it. The good news is that I got my plumbing up an running and tanks sanitized, etc. Of course, leaving me with a new problem, of the toilet fill not stopping.
  12. Help!!!!! I'm new to motorhoming, and thank goodness I am patient, cuz I have had more trouble in 2 months with one motor home than I have had in 3 houses I have lived in, in the last 10 years. I am starting with my small projects first. I have a self-contained ice maker. Here's the problem: After repairing a leaky compression valve and turning on the water, water started to pour out of the ice maker into the ice holding tray. It seems as though there should be a shutoff valve to prevent that from happening. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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