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  1. I have been taking 5 mg of morphine twice daily and hydrocodone as needed for back pain for 5 years. These medications allow me to live a Somewhat normal life. My doctor can only prescribe a 2 month order ( 60 ) days without seeing me. A pharmacy cannot fill his order if he is not licensed in that state. We are planning to travel out west in our MH this coming year and I am asking advise if anyone has experienced this problem and how they delt with it?
  2. What make of camera is recommended?
  3. First timer, what should we look forward to? Any updates would be helpful.
  4. My 2012 Monaco Knight has the same hardware as shown in BackhoeJ"s pictures. My problem was the belt was slipping and wore a spot on it and would no longer move the step. I had mechanic pull the frame out far enough to remove the belt. because we are relocating I will be attempting to install the belt. I've ordered the belt and will get it at my next stopover, The problem I've got is I can't get the frame out far enough to access the motor. the doorway is to narrow to pull it out as far as needed. I'm open to any suggestions.
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