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  1. Thanks, Guess I'll drive again. I checked on flying and renting an RV but for 2 months it's about $10,000 dollars. Plus mileage if you drive too far.
  2. Has anyone heard about a train you can put your Rv on that goes to Alaska? Someone said there was an ad in Trailerlife but I can't find anything. I'm trying to figure the easiest way to travel to Alaska next summer.
  3. Thanks, Thought I might go up there sometime this month to cool off a little.
  4. Anyone have suggestions on a campground for a 45 footer in Door county Wisconsin?
  5. I just 6 tires today and saved about 1500 bucks. The Michelin dealer I used isn't even on the Mich dealer list. I guess you have to ask them. This dealer knew all about the program and told me it will work on about any tires I need.
  6. You got the boat too. Why are you selling? Email me at aksc13@gmail.com I can figure out how to get this forum to notify me about responses. I thought at one time you could request that.
  7. scott0651

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    If anyone out ther is looking to buy Mich. tires you will want to use FMCA's tire program. It's saving me close to 300 dollars a tire. 365's and 315's
  8. Heimgartner Trailer Systems: Anybody know if these people are still in business? I can't find their web page. They had a boat trailer system that you could put inside your pickup truck to tow behind your motorhome.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to put a boat and trailer on a pickup so you can tow it then take the trailer off and tow it to the lake behind the truck? I can't believe somebody hasn't done this already. I would think you would have to use a small boat and trailer for this.
  10. I tried to reserve a spot at Lake Park and was told that FMCA had the whole park reserved. So I called FMCA and they told me that it's reserved for their support staff and they weren't sure if there would be any spots left for members. I have never been to rally before; is this how it's supposed to work? I need 50 amps and the lady I talked with gave me the impression I might be out of luck. If I have to stay too far away I might as well just drive in daily from home.
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