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  1. Came across this topic today while searching for an unrelated topic, well after the last post. For what it's worth, we've had good luck with mint leaves. We put some in small mesh bags and stow them in various bins, drawers and shelves throughout the RV. As the leaves continue to dry out, just massage them a little and more aroma will be released. It seems to work pretty well. Needed to take action when one of the critters got into my clothes and ate some of my underwear. No kidding. (We have a crop of mint in the yard, so there's no shortage of leaves.)
  2. Recently noticed that we are getting some kind of black sludge from the fresh water tank. First noticed it when we flushed the tank to replace the water pump. It now seems to be clogging up the water pump filter. We use the system for flushing, washing and showering. (We get drinking water from jugs.) Any way of getting rid of this--not sure if re-sanitizing will remove this stuff?
  3. Don't know if you've left yet on your trip... We cross the Tappan Zee a couple of times a year in a 36' towing a car. I'm not a big fan of driving on bridges, but this one doesn't bother me at all. Traffic might be heavy depending on time of day, but it's not outrageous. (As noted, the toll is. It's $24.75.) The worst part of that route is that I-287 is now in about the 11th year of a construction project. Also, when you cross the bridge, you need to be in the LEFT 3 lanes two or three miles down the road, as 287 and 87 split. And when you come to I-95 in Connecticut, good luck. It's a nasty highway, not even close to being able to handle all the traffic on it. It once took us 4 hours to travel the 120 miles of Conn I-95, by car, no less. You might want to consider I-84 to I-90 to I-495 to I-95 at MA/NH border.
  4. Dog gas. (Laying on the floor in front of it.)
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. We're looking forward to the trip west. 35 MPH on I-70? That would be "wicked fast" compared to what we experienced going across Wyoming to Grand Teton NP a couple of years ago! We're not sure which route we'll take back to New England; haven't gotten that far in our planning.
  6. We are considering a trip from New England to some of the national parks in Utah and are in the early stages of planning. We have a 36' MH on a gas (Workhorse) chassis. What can we expect traveling through Colorado on I-70, as far as crossing the terrain? Are the mountains navigable in this RV? Similarly to get from the Moab, UT area to, say Zion, how easy/difficult is the driving through the southern portion of the state? Or do you have to stick to the interstates? Thanks.
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