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  1. Sams Club and BJs beat this. Their current 6 gallon case runs about $12.33 per gallon for six gallons.
  2. If you are looking for tri-fold type towels they are available at Staples. I don't know what 1999 towels are.
  3. ticat900, I think this thread would be more accurately answered by those who actually use a smartphone. Happy New Year!
  4. Bulbs I changed to are silver star. I did check voltage and it was OK. These HID bulbs, are these the ones that require the transformers? I need specifics.
  5. I have a 2002 American Coach American Dream. It appears the American coach models each had different type and shape headlights. The low beam headlights on my coach are in a word are lousy. High beams are OK. I have changed bulbs, no help. The headlight assemblies are made by Hella. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Does anyone have any suggestions? The low beam lights are what I know as "projector" type with a large, thick, lens that concentrates the beam but mine seems to absorb light instead of projecting it. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have to replace the Voyager monitor on my 2002 American Coach. It is a single camera unit. I figured if was going to the trouble and expense should I go with three camera or one. I don't know why you would have a two camera system but maybe you all can enlighten me. I also want to know if wireless is a viable way to go or is wired a lot better with a little more trouble to install. Thanks!
  7. I do not know if your Spartan is like my 2002 American Coach. I had a sway bar bracket that connects the sway bar to the lower control arm break off the mounting tabs. I believe It was an aftermarket sway bar, I believe made by IPD. It is a "U" shaped bracket with mounting tabs held by 7/16" bolts. The mounting tabs were all that was left. I fabricated a new one because I was leaving to go to Fleetwood service the next day and I had the ability and tools to do so. You may have a similar problem. My coach had 39000 miles on it.
  8. I started this post last year. I went to the Fleetwood rally in Goshen this past June. The techs there checked and calibrated the level sensor and checked the door and told me they couldn't help me there but at the factory they could install some gussets that would help. Last week I took the 2002 American Coach American Dream to Decatur, Indiana and had them install the gussets. It has made a dramatic change. The technician and personel there were very efficent, helpful, and competent. I could not have gotten the service and expertise anywhere else. I would highly recommend the service facility for Fleetwood and American Coach in Decatur, Indiana. If you are having trouble similar to mine do not hesitate to have this modification performed. I was quoted around $400 to complete the repair and it came in at $460 as they had to undo some previous attempts made by someone prior to my purchase of the RV. Very fair!
  9. I am outfitting a 2012 Honda CRV with Roadmaster equipment for towing behind my RV. The entire front is plastic. I am wondering where and how some of you who have this vehicle have attached your breakaway switch that serves the purpose and meets the Roadmaster criteria?
  10. I have found three compounds that will set off my LPG Detector: Febreeze (makes stuff smell better) Fumes from RV water system antifreeze LP Gas Any one found any others?
  11. I don't have all the "paper" in front of me. FET was the same approx $42. My dealer quoted for the tire $705 and I saved $60 off that.
  12. I recently purchased 295-80-22.5 for my American Coach. The program saved my $120 on two tires from what my local dealer quoted. He had not done the program before but they were very cooperative.
  13. I have a 2002 American Coach with a 375hp Cummins ISL. There is a Cummins Road Relay installed. Are the fuel mileage figures it displays reliable? Other than fuel mileage I would like to hear from owners what advantages does this equipment afford to me?
  14. Thank you for the info. I read the article and this tank does have an OPD.
  15. The last time I had my propane filled the tech / sales agent told me my propane tank had a defect. It was supposed to have a valve to shutoff the flow when the level reached a specific point. He said it over filled but not to the point it required any action or impaired the operation of the appliances. This was the first time I had filled the tank as I had recently bought the used RV from a RV dealer. He filled before delivery. What are the proper actions I should follow? If I do not fill the tank to capacity is it still OK and safe? What is involved in the repair? I am sure it required a qualified tech to do this.
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