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  1. A big thumbs up to you, Gerald....look at your receipt, it should have either the SKU or the UPC number on it.....Dennis
  2. TButler seems to be the only one who got the reason for this discussion. I could care less about $8 extra to fill my tank. Peanuts, in the scheme of things. The point of the thread is this: Arizona has decided to step up enforcement of fueling at the WRONG pump, and they appear to be targeting RVers. They simply place these small stickers on the pumps and it's up to the person refueling to ensure they're at the right one. The reason for this post is to simply make everyone AWARE so they don't inadvertently fuel at the wrong pump and get a TICKET with a HUGE FINE attached....safe travels everyone.
  3. Bill, I think you missed the point. Assume you have a 26,000 pound coach...if it's gas you pay 18 cents/gal, diesel you pay 26 cents/gal. Why? They will both tear up the roads at the same rate. Which weighs more? a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? They both weigh a pound, so there's no difference....So your argument that heavy duty diesels are somehow heavier than a gasser weighing the same doesn't hold water. I'm not going to get my knickers in a bunch over $8 bucks, but the law is unfair to RVers the way it's written. The issue is more with the citations they''ve begun to write than the $8. The citations can exceed $1,000/violation. The RVing community needs to be aware of this issue in Arizona.,,my feelings aren't hurt, I use the truck pumps at Flying J so I'm good. ,,just sayin....Dennis
  4. A lively discussion is occurring on another forum about RVers getting cited for fueling at the wrong pumps in Arizona. One of their ticketed for not using the right diesel pump. Here's the story, in short. The RV pulled up to a regular station diesel pump and began to re-fuel. He was met by two LEOs from AZDOT who informed him he was not fueling at the correct pump and issued a citation. Here's why he was cited. Arizona has a two tier diesel fuel tax. 18 cents/gallon for light cars and trucks and 26 cents for heavies. This means, according to Arizona law, any vehicle having more than two axles, OR any vehicle having a GVW in excess of 26,000 pounds MUST refuel ONLY at those pumps having a sticker affixed to them indicating the tax collected is at 26 cents/gallon. He was at a pump with an 18 cent sticker! I called the AZDOT for confirmation and spoke with a very knowledgeable, informative and pleasant individual in the Arizona Fuel Tax Investigation Division of the Motor Carrier Section. He confirmed that Arizona is stepping up it's enforcement of this law and RVs are NOT EXEMPT. While he was informative, he was also very firm in this area. Apparently, it's pretty easy if one of their enforcement officers sees an RV in a regular service station to simply pull in and check the pump. If you're fueling at the wrong pump you get a citation. IMHO, not a very good way to encourage winter visitors. Regardless, it appears Arizona needs extra cash in their coffers. While our fuel tanks are large enough to avoid Arizona stations completely, I feel this area of their law needs to be addressed. We all like to save whenever and wherever possible and while 8 cents a gallon won't break the bank, it's an extra cost that's not warranted. Also, this law does not apply to gas coaches, only diesels. It's hard to imagine why two coaches weighing the same, (over 26,000), one gas, one diesel, would be required to pay different tax amounts. What were they thinking....????
  5. Ray, usually there's two sides to every story and I'm sure this is one of those. An 11k invoice is a bunch and you don't say what you had done but it sounds like you had some drivetrain stuff go wrong. Insurance companies are pretty strict as far as staying to the WRITTEN contract. It sounds like maybe some shortcuts were taken, either by you and/or the repair facility. As a full timer myself, I know how hard it is with a major failure not to do so as you want/need your home back asap. That said, here's what I would do: 1. Read your contract completely. 2. Know why the insurance company is denying the claim. 3. Sit down with the OWNER of the repair facility and discuss/negotiate what can be done to get your coach released. One suggestion is to sign an agreement to pay the bill yourself if the insurance company will not. You may have to take out a loan to do so. Another suggestions is to see if you can negotiate a partial payment from the insurance company and a guarantee from you for the balance. 4. If your coach is financed, talk to the bank that carries your loan. They have a stake in this as well and might be able to assist. 5. IF and only IF YOU are correct and the bill is the responsibility of the insurance company AND you've done all you can, contact the insurance commissioner of Colorado and get them involved. 6. Finally, if all the above have proved fruitless, contact a lawyer for legal advice. When a repair facility refuses to provide the necessary documents to the insurance company, they may feel they're being ripped off and demand more documentation. This is common. I would be concerned as well if it were me. Good luck....Dennis
  6. @BarkerWn...sorry to be the bearer of bad news...Go RV filed bankruptcy on November 14th....Dennis http://business-bankruptcies.com/cases/go-rv-network-inc
  7. Give Northwest RV Supply a call..they bought all of Monaco's part warehouse when Monaco moved their motorized division to Wakarusa....I recommend you call them as they haven't categorized all that was in the warehouse to put it on their website yet......Dennis http://www.nwrvsupply.com/
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  9. rhreasley, if your new tires were dated 0810 somethings wrong...that date is not here yet....??????...Dennis
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