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  1. Has anyone found an intelligent person at Ford that is willing to address this obviously significant failure? So far, my dealings with any customer service, care solutions center has been absolutely useless. After two transmissions I'm sick of Ford! I'm curious if FMCA can formally address this at a "high" level within Ford...you must have greater access than we mere lowly Ford customers seem to have.
  2. We are FT rv'n and have a 2010 Escape Ltd, which is at a dealership having it's 2nd xmission replacement! Ditto all of the above; really frustrated getting stranded on the highway and getting useless "caring" from Ford Cust Svc people. Remco says they have worked with Ford and developed a pump for the Escape. However, Ford currently has a Tech notice out that if you have subsequent xmission problems, the pump installation could void your warranty. What a "catch 22". Looks like Ford is currently happy sticking their heads in the sand with the customer to avoid any recall to fix the problem...just replace the ones that get "fried" and be nice in the process. I would love to hear from anyone that has found a way to get Ford's attention, especially the above respondent "JohnNjus". Moreover what is FMCA doing to intervene with us to address a critical issue impacting a number of members? Hopefully it does not have to be a fire, accident or injury before Ford wakes up and proactively addresses this problem....just get the pumps installed on our Ford "towables" and let us get safely back on the road! My email is don.wells10@gmail.com. Hope to hear from ya'll.
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