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  1. We have had the Good Sams CSP. Cost started at approximately $600.00 a year with a 500 deductible it was $700.00 this year. We have used it once they worked with our service that came to the coach instead of having to be in a traditional shop. They do have some limitations on what they will replace if the exact same model or product in no longer available.
  2. We own a 2007 Damon Astoria PE Model 3773. Over a year ago we notice a small leak from the fill on the onan diesel generator. Since that time we have made appointments to have this problem resolved. Since the generator is not accessible through the front and the front cannot be removed to access no one can fix it. We are now being advised that our Astoria will need to raised in the air so it can be removed and repaired not an easy place to locate. Has anyone else with an Astoria experienced this problem and if you had it fixed please let me know.
  3. I also have a 2006 Damon Astoria PE Model 3773, we traded our 1 ton dodge duelly and a 36 forest river cardinal. I purchased the Damon because of the Frieghtliner, allison and cummins combinations. The interior was OK as was the price. The Freightliner, allison and cummins have functioned to standards the interior however has a little to be desired electric outlets are poorly placed we replaced the hanger rod with something more accesible, carpet quality was poor, as well as trim on the outside, no vent for the microwave. The list goes on I do not plan on purchasing another Class A this one will get it done if I did it would be the winnebago tour. We will have the interior redone next year. We live in the motorcoach fulltime since I retired in 2010.
  4. thank you for the valuable input we are excite about the 101 trip we will depart seaside to I-10 then back to Austin TX
  5. We are planning a trip Seaside, Ore from Austin, Tx we are planning to travel from austin, via El Paso, Co, UT, ID OR to arrive. But the return we would like to go down the 101 Hwy and take our time to see the redwood, ocean and the sites. Would appreciate any imput from someone who has made this trip. We are interested campgrounds, challenges with hwy grades, spots you may have found that is not well known. Appreciate any input we have a 2006 Damon Astoria &CRV.
  6. We recently had a slimline dish installed on our 2006 Damon Motor coach. These were new additional line that were included in the coach. We have a box that allows three TV to view cable, ant, SAT or DVD/VCR with the selction of a button. Unfortunately the dealers can get the everything to work just the direct TV. I manage to get the wiring reset so that the ANT functions, Cable TV and the DVD player but I am unable to get the Direct TV to function even though the dish is locked onto the satelite. Any suggections or expereinces?
  7. After searching the options of what was available we went with RV Sun Shade, they were priced right and they came to the site we were parked at made them on site. http://www.rvsunshadeco.com/index.html Doug and Kathy Cline were our installers they were very professional, prompt and detailed. We enjoy are sun screens as we started full timing last August. We are in Texas Charles & Karen Resen 2006 Damon Astoria 3773 PE
  8. we have a 2006 Damon Astoria our experience is same it was new our major problem was the A/C units would turn on but the fan would not engage in auto so you had to use manual high to keep the unit from freezing up. We returned to the dealership after keeping the unit for a couple of months they said it was fixed. It went back it was not fixed and they did not check it the excuss those things can go wrong when you leave service, after another 30 days they said it was fixed. It went back finally they fixed it we were not amused. The fixture for hot and cold water in the shower cracked behind the wall and started leaking fixed, the slide cover over the large slide out froze so we could not open it we were on vacation no service available in that part of LA, left early drove to Houston, TX to repair. Light fixture in living area went out purchased a replacement it was bad bought another working now. The wiring for the entertainment system was incorrect thats been fixed at my cost. I feel your challenge
  9. I have read of the incidents that have occurred plugging into different campgrounds concerning power. I have seen no articles concerning which is best -- surge protectors or autoformers -- why, and people's experiences with either of these items. Any experience that someone would like to share concerning the use of either of these items would be appreciated.
  10. We are insured by a popular company for insurance that includes the motorhome & vehicles. When insured seperately, the cost is very different. Whenever it renews or changes, they kill a tree with paperwork that I am not sure a good attorney can interpret. My question is, I am looking for an insurance company for my Class A & vehicles with one policy and one payment. So far, no easy solutions. I have talk to others who have experienced significant increases in policies from year to year. Coverage is from 2 companies not one. I was not pleased to leave All State after over 20 years of service from them, but they do not cover Class A motorhomes.
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