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  1. Ron, you got to go with ADVENTURE CARAVAN, they are the only ones to go with. We went with them last summer and are still talking about it. We met Carol and Ken when they gave the seminar at FMCA in Indio last year after we already signed up. They ended up being our wagon masters. A caravan gives you a lot of advantages over doing it yourself. I will list my favorites: security in numbers, having a tailgunner, (Maddie and Spence). Having it all mapped out for us and knowing in advance our campground arrangements were already made, having tours paid in advance and all of the wonderful friends we made. There were 22 total rigs, and now 44 new friends we plan to go back east this summer to visit several of them. We are 73 and 75 and are working on our bucketlist and Alaska was the second thing on the list. We will be at the Indio rally this week as seminar room monitors, look us up. Dot and Mel Bolton
  2. We are going to Alaska in June or July but are going with a caravan. We feel more comfortable with people to guide us for our first trip. Will go to FMCA in Indio for the rally and sign up there. Saves $150.00 (about) when you do it after seminar and still gives us plenty of time. We have 2 books on Alaska and will be getting the Milepost in March so it is current. Are you still planning to go to Alaska? Dot and Mel F101469
  3. Yes, Johnfv2, the gray tank does drain much slower than the black because of the smaller pipe size. Is this something that just started happening, is this a new rig to you? We wipe off the dishes before we wash them to eleminate the small particles from going down the sink. We have a small screen in the shower to catch hair and small particles of bar soap . We use a product that also breaks down stuff in the gray tank and black tank along with helping cut down odors. If this problem is just starting then maybe you have building up of some kind in the tank and flushing it with water after soaking it and driving the rig around, maybe that will help it flush out.
  4. Go expecting to have a great time. Do go to seminars as you will be surprised to learn something new at each one. Dont worry about moving your RV, they give you plenty of room to leave. Dont expect the little women to want to cook every night, she will want to go out to dinner with her new found friends and do attend the nightly entertainment.
  5. We are vendors for FMCA with a product that you use in the fresh water tank that destroys existing bacterial colonies and prevents the developing of new ones, eliminates bad odor and bad taste to stored potable water supplies. When you use it everytime you put in more fresh water you don't have to worry about emptying the tank, it stays fresh and safe to drink. We live in earthquake country and leave our tank full year round when not traveling. Be careful about useing bleach in the fresh water tank, its hard to get all the bleach taste out.
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