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  1. Sounds like it would be a lot easier just to pay the tax and forget about it!
  2. I have also stayed at the campground and felt very safe. They have a shuttle to the casino or you can drive your own vehicle if you have a toad. I would stay there again.
  3. I am doing the tire search right now also and I am also going to stay away from Camping World. I asked about dates on the tires and they said that what ever show up from the warehouse is what you get. They will not even call to check the dates. I am currently working with another tire dealer and he is going to find out the dates on the tire before they are shipped from his warehouse. I will update what I find out. My tires have 32000 miles but are now 7 years old. Just want to replace for safety reasons. I do not have any cracks in the side walls but still want to have the piece of mind. I do store my coach inside all winter and I think that that helps.
  4. You had a pretty long drive. Glad to hear you had a good time and 1,600 coaches is a pretty good turnout for the way the times are right now. Hope gas stays low. We will be going to one of the rallies next year. We like Perry, Ga., so I think that is where we will go. Safe travels ...
  5. Does anyone know how the turnout was at the Albuquerque convention? How far did people drive to come to the convention?
  6. We are here at the FMCA rally. A lot of coaches came in all day today. Looking to have a great turnout and also a great time this week here in Perry.
  7. This will also be my first FMCA rally. I did go to Perry last year for the Rally. The grounds were nice and we had a great time. Everyone one was very friendly and we learned a lot. We have been camping for 30 years and there is always room to learn more. We are looking to have a great time again this year at the FMCA rally. Hope to see lots of motorhomes there!
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