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  1. Is your coaches system Electric or hydraulic ?
  2. O.K. I just had my 38 ft coach done. I bought the carpet and padding and had an experienced RV carpet installer install it. $400.00 and 2 days later it was done. The catch is he only works in the winter down in the valley ( Mission and such ) in Texas. Excellent work for an old retired guy. Good luck, John
  3. The instruction were written by the French, not Americans. First they are telling you to put the brake on. No need, if your car is hooked up to your tow-bar as it won't roll. As far as the towing bit they are referring to a tow truck situation- 30 mph etc. All you have to do when you have the car hooked up to the tow bar is just 1. Put the car into neutral. 2. Turn the ignition key to the farthest left position, leaving the key in the ignition. 3. Forget everything else anyone else tells you to do. I also use a bungee cord from the bottom of the steering wheel to the front lower seat frame. Not tight & not too loose. This helps getting the steering wheel ,and tires back to center when you're making tight turns. Now after you're all ready with everything else you need to do with your camper, is drive off on your trip at any speed you desire. I pass up semi's on the highway and my smart hasn't exploded in the last 3 years of towing it.
  4. First off, YOU LEAVE the ignition key in! If you want your doors locked use your spare key. On the other subject you can tow the car at any speed. I don't know where you guys are getting your information.
  5. Stop over, I'm in Sleepy Valley Resort off Abram Rd. Mission. 659 Pear St. 608.475.9099. and I'll show you what to buy and how to do it.
  6. I used to use Velcro on my magnet until I found the real problem. The fuse was blown underneath the steps. There is a 5amp enclosed fuse container there. Changed the fuse, now the steps work like a charm.
  7. This is what I use. You can find them cheaper on eBay. Also there is an adjustable one out there. That would of been my choice if I didn't already have this one. I also tow a Jeep Liberty, and have towed a Chev. Colorado pickup without having to change the tow-bar setup. Works perfect and gives you about an extra foot for the car to turn around tight corners. Photo's of my setup with parts stored when not in use, this is a 6" drop. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/6-high-low-drop-hitch/21578
  8. I tow a 2012 read "mule mans" answer and my comment and you're good to go. I put in a wiring harness and diodes for my Roadmaster ( Don't know anything about Blue Ox which I assume is basically the same.) system. You get to the taillights from the back compartment. It's easy to run the wiring harness, but you need to take the front end and side bottom fairing off to run it if you're going to mount it permanently. Which happened to be quite easy. Good luck. Look at attached photo, Wiring adapter in the top grill, and tow bar adapters with covers, in the lower grill.
  9. You don't need to disconnect the battery.
  10. Get on eBay look for all the different setups there. I use all the Roadmaster stuff I can get my hands on. Their rockshield works great on their towing system. I then have a windshield cover ( off of eBay also) that I have used on three vechicles. No dings in the front or cracked windshields from towing. I also have a full guard under the rear of my coach, not one of those brushy types. If you are going to install a full guard make sure you use a beefy L channel from a hardware store if the kit comes with something you can bend by putting it across your knee and putting pressure on the ends. You attach the eyebolts to the frame of your rig not the bumper, and that if you use the Roadmaster setup on your Jeep you don't see the towing system as it is hidden from sight. Safe Travels, John
  11. I've always do the hookup work myself. No big deal as long as you have some tools. I to have just bought a new SC. I've a Roadmaster hookup set coming. Opps here it is. Roadmaster 52285-1 EZ Tow Bar Base Plate Bracket Smart Car And that's even my car. Man that worked out slick! If you want to look at how involved it is to install. Go to http://www.roadmaste...ons/52285-1.pdf and that will get you the info. I only use Roadmaster products and have been extremely happy with all of their products. Safe Travels, John
  12. EXCELLLLLLLLLLLLLLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never had so much fun with a car!
  13. From your response on the Smart Car flat tow, it seems you are not disconnecting your battery, and that you have no problems with you SC being towed with the battery connected. Is that correct? If so how many miles have you towed your SC that way. Also what model and year is your SC? I've just picked up a new 2011 Caborlet and am getting ready to get it set up for 4 down towing. Any advise you can give me will be helpful. Safe Travels, John
  14. When they get the unit to accept Bluetooth so I can use my cell hands free I may look at it. I had purchased the 5000 series unit prior to this new one coming out and sent it back as it didn't have Bluetooth nor could u ad your own way-points. Now they have fixed the way-point problem with the new unit but haven't addressed the Bluetooth problem. Also they have too much junk it the units that you can't get rid of. I've been Motor Homing for quite a few years and I don't really need any of their checklists and such. I'd like to get rid of their POIs as I'd never use them. Guess I'll stay with my Garmin as the only thing I'd like is a bigger screen. Their unit does have some items in it that I like such as setting up the unit for my particular rig.
  15. Hi John - I saw that my profile has a post from you but it got cut off and I can't view the rest of it. Can you email me at caylorl@pilottravelcenters.com? Thank you!

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