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  1. My wife and I traded in the 2005 and got a 2019 Ventana. The warranty options will expire in April. I had an extended warranty with good sams for years with the 2005 and it payed off several times to have it. Checking now it seems they all have gone up quite a bit. With good sams the warranty I used to have costs way more than what it did before as you have to lock in the price for 7 years to get the best deal. Wholesale Warranties has the same coverage and more for half the price. I am leaning towards them but want to know who has had experience with them. And yes I considered self insured, but the first time I used good sams with the other coach, it was over 5k for the repair. It would take a couple of years of payments to get that. any comments???
  2. Ok, so now that I am really confused help me out. I have been using a brake buddy for years. I recently purchased a 2019 Newmar and have a new tow car. The tow car is a 2015 Escape. I have the new roadmaster tow bar set up on the old Edge and will be moving it to the Escape. Many have been talking about the air force one so I started looking at them online. Now I see just as many if not more commenting on the roadmaster invisibrake system. It seems that just as many like the roadmaster as the air force one. One thing I do want is to have the ability to charge the battery while towing. Had a problem without having that before. How about some help??
  3. Still need some help on the hot water issue. Left the rally and returned to the resort in Foley Alabama and hooked up as usual with electric and CITY water. Cut the shower water on and hot and cold work fine. Works fine in the bath sink. We both took showers and worked fine. So, this only happened when using the pump. I had just replaced the pump before we left for the rally. Same pump, and there’s not much room for a mistake hooking it up. Water supply in and out. Two wires, and all hooked up just as the previous pump. Somebody help, I have no idea how the pump could cause a problem with the hot and cold water mix.
  4. Recently I will turn on the water, a mix of hot and cold to get temp right. Then the water will pulse between hot and cold. First experienced it in the shower, then the bath sink, and then the kitchen. Most noticeable in the bathroom fixtures. Have an atwood gas/electric water heater. Using it in the electric mode. The water is plenty hot when it comes out. Just won't stay at temp selected. Keep pulsing from hot to cold, extreme change. Any thoughts???
  5. My bathroom sink will sometimes hold water as if it is stopped up. Sometimes drains quickly. I have taken apart pipes to sink and trap and find nothing. I have used drain cleaner and all flows fine. But sometimes especially in morning it will hold water just as if clogged. Any suggestions???
  6. I have been looking for a dash cover for my coach. I can get one in Perry at the rally with Shade Pro who does not have the pattern but will be there and they can measure and make it later and ship it to me. I also had another company Active RV Upholstery Center. They say they have the pattern and will ship to me now. Has anyone had any experience with either of the companies? It is hard to tell online what will be the best way to go.
  7. I have 4 slides. All but one seem to be leaving marks on the floor. I have purchased some slide out slickers and attempted to put them in place this week. Upon doing so, I found the main large slide does not have any room between the slide and the floor to put the slicker under it. Is there something for me to look for here or do I need to take it to the shop? The slickers went right under the other slides. By the way, I have a vinyl planking throughout the coach. Replaced the carpet a couple of years ago.
  8. Someone please tell me what the difference between an oasis heating module and an aqua hot heating system. And if they are different, which is better. Everyone that I have met that has an aqua hot has problems. looking at new coach and need to know
  9. Which Nuvi is this? I was thinking of getting the rvnd 7710 but it seems there is quite a bit negative out on it.
  10. I am looking at the new Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 7710 to replace my Garmin 765T. It has a lot of great features. Does anyone have firsthand experience with the 7710 and how it has worked for them on trips? It seems the Garmin truck versions have lots of options for RV's, but more so for the truckers and some of which you have to use even if you are not a truck. I like Garmin products but really like the features i see in the Tripmaker. Would like to hear from someone who actually has a rvnd 5510 or 7710 to see how it has been on their trips.
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