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  1. I had a previous motorhome that you could open the vent on the A/C itself to dump air straight down. This motorhome does not have that. The engine does produce a LOT of heat in the rear bathrooom. I have been closing the A/C vents in the rear bathroom and run the vent fan (if I left the A/C vents open it would just vent the air conditioned air). This seems to help. As for the covered vents, the small fan on top of the slide is not a bad idea or maybe a make-shift vent extension over the edge of the slide, but I haven't figured out how to engineer that without making tacky modifications. If I could figure out how to get those vents to produce air to the cabin, I think it would solve the problem. Thanks, Jack
  2. I have a 2012 American Tradition 42 foot. Three A/C units, a front to back slide on the driver side and two slides on the passenger side. When the slides are in, 8 of the air conditioner vents and intakes are covered by the slides. Therefore, if my theory is correct, in addition, the engine is putting out quite a bit of heat, which comes up through the floor in the rear. This time of year, all three A/Cs can't keep the inside temperature below 85 inside. Not appealing. My theory is that the vents in the living room that are covered by the slides are doing absolutely no good. The cold air from the vents just sits up there and never makes it to the cabin. Plus the engine heat is not helping. Any tricks of the trade that anyone is aware of? Closing the vents in the rear bath and the ones that are covered? Additional insulation between the coach and the engine? Anything? Thanks Jack
  3. My experience has been that the larger you go the heavier the coach and the heavier the chassis. Those two things make for a smoother ride and a ride that is less affected by wind. So, on the highway, the larger the better. In town, the longer can be a little more difficult.
  4. I own a 2011 Fleewood Discover 40G with a big 3 motor pull out on the passenger side. Everything was working fine until one day (on a trip) I was putting the extending the slideout and one motor worked correctly and the other two did nothing. The slideout got in a bind. I called a RV Mobile service and they stated that the Slide Control box likely had issues. They manually got it retracted but now it looks like I need a Slide Control box and a new gear. I have attached pics of both. The question is, can I order these parts and replace them myself or must I take it to a Fleetwood Dealer? Obviously it is out of Warranty.
  5. Somewhat related to this issue, I have a 2011 Discovery and when I was parked on an unlevel surface and hit the auto, the low voltage light came on before front was level. I believe it was maxing out on the front levelers. I put some Jack Blocks under the front levellers and now it works like it should.
  6. These are GREAT comments! I knew this was a great idea to post this on FMCA! 1. Answering "Rogelling" and "Aztec7fan", Rogeling is right. Midland is booming right now. There are not enough homes and so make-shift RV parks are going up all over the county. The city does not want any of them in the city limits and my land is in the city limits. Besides, I myself look at the permanent stay status of a park when I am deciding where to say myself. If people want to rent by the month, unhook, get a new spot and hook back up, that's ok with me. That means they want be setting up permanently with all their junk in one spot. I want this to be a really nice place. Not sure I can pull off Class A only. I'm afraid I would knock out a lot of good renters. Plus I have seen some pretty ratty class A's. 2. "DesertDeals69", I like your idea as well if we can fit it in the plan. 3. "DieselGuy", I would love to add this capability, but we are in a water shortage out here. I have talked to some people, and I think we could get an independent guy to come in and offer that service privately. They would have to bring in the water on a water trailer. We have these services all over town because you can't wash your car yourself. Go figure. 4. Playground, game room, meeting room and store will all be in the plan. How big the store is may depend on initial cost. We may start small and add on. 5. "Ramblinboy", great comments! Although, I don't believe I have ever seen an electric dog polisher. Keep those comments coming!! Jack
  7. Great Suggestions. I hadn't thought about section for overnight parking without hookups. That is a great idea! WiFi has been on my mind. Something free to park users and works. Power pedestal height is another great idea. Not a lot of trees in West Texas, but we will plant some in mind that once they grow it will have the affect of maximizing shade on patios. I will run some site plans by you when we get to that point. Any other suggestions? Jack
  8. I am in the beginning stages of opening a new RV Resort on I-20 in Midland Texas. As an RVer myself, I recognize that West Texas does not have a great option. To be more bluntly, I feel there is a lack of a good option on I-20 between Abilene and El Paso. This park will be no permanent stays, paved roads, pull thru and back in spots. Sites will have water, electricity, sewer, cable and wi-fi. We will have a pool in the middle of the park, laundry, restrooms, dog park. There will be a nice grass area between the sites. The park will be a couple hundred yards off the interstate service road, but have nice, easy access from an overpass. I would like to ask you for your suggestions for this park. What amenities should there be? Suggestions for software to run the park. Employee suggestions? How to encourage people from the north to come down and stay? How would you put this park together if it was yours? What rates should we look at? Incentives? Affiliation with FMCA, Good SAMs! Etc. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.
  9. It was a great Aggie Win! We stayed at the factory plant site with other Aggies. Love the SEC!
  10. Thanks Everyone! It was a GREAT Trip! Jack
  11. LoneStarBQ

    Ole Miss

    We are traveling to Oxford Mississippi in September for the Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss Football Game. Any insight in where to park the MH? What to see and do?
  12. We are going to North Carolina next week. We are looking for good campgrounds for a 40ft. Class A. We are particularly interested in Greensboro, Raleigh/Durham, Outer Banks, and Ashville. Any recommendations?
  13. Great Feedback! Thanks, Jack
  14. The ISB is on several of the MH I am looking at. However, you're right in that it comes on the lesser end models (all are within a foot of 40'). The Fleetwood has the ISC engine and is more comparable to the Monaco with the MaxxForce 10. Is one easier to get serviced than the other? Are both equally sturdy? Jack
  15. We are looking to purchase a diesel pusher and I would like to know if there are any opinions about the MaxxForce 10 engine vs. the Cummins ISB. Thanks!
  16. I currently have a 2008 Jayco 30ft. F350 Greyhawk. My wife and I have threee kids, 14, 11 & 10. It gets 6 to 10 mpg depending on the wind. We tow a 2010 Honda CRV. We are thinking of moving up to a Class A, but still need the room to sleep everyone. We have been looking at the Discovery 40G with bunk beds and the Allegro Red 38QB with bunks. My thought was that if I moved up, I need to look at a diesel pusher (quiter driving, more comfortable ride, generator in the front for a more comfortable sleep). The economy seems to be in a place where you can get some good deals right now. Our Jayco is a great little MH, but has NO (ABSOLUTELY NO) storage especially on the outside. My other gripe is that the tank capacities are so minimal, we can't go to the football game without needing to re-fill the fresh and dump the grey. The advantage of a Class A seems to be a higher frame therefore much more storage underneath for items and tanks. Other than the storage and the tank capacities, it has been a good little MH. I realize this seems like a huge leap, but it's just what I'm eyeballing right now. We have been campers for a long time. Pop-up to 5th Wheel, to MH. I have read discussions on Diesel vs. Gas and Class A vs. C. After reading these, I'm wondering if I should consider a gas Class A? Obviously, we are not retired and probably use our MH 12-20 times a year. We do stay at State Parks quite often. Any thoughts?
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