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  1. Homer city has a camping sites on the Spit, It is dry camping but they do have water there to fill your tanks and also a dump site. you can run your gen. from 6 in the morning until 10 at night the rate very low. It is next to the fishing hole and if your timing is right you can catch King or Silver's just out your door
  2. Upgraded to a new pusher Dec. 2007 and had to replace my 2 front Michelin tires on a trip from Fl to the west coast ( tires had 21 thousand miles) and the sidewalls had large cracks, The motor home had set on the dealer lot in Florida for a year before I got it but to have 2 tires fail at the same time. My last motor home had Goodyears on it and I made two trips to Alaska and 5 trips to Ca. and over 50 thousand miles and just replaced them because they were 7 years old, with no problems. I will be taking off the back tires and replacing them with Goodyear before I start to travel next year.
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