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  1. We had one as our primary cooking source and liked it but found ourselves not using very much. So we ditched it and went with an air fryer instead. We eat a lot of veggies and grilled meat and the air fryer is awesome for cooking vegetables.
  2. I drove my 40' DP from San Fransisco, CA to Lincoln City, OR with a 4dr Jeep in tow up the 101 and some of the PCH/1. I did unhook a couple times due to the roads being so windy with steep curves. Beautiful drive!!
  3. I checked the inverter/charger and the white button Jim talked about was tripped. I pushed it in and everything seems to be working fine now. I will keep an eye on it and see if anything changes. Hopefully that is all that was wrong. I guess I need to be more careful on how many appliances I use at the same time!! Carl, I actually never checked if everything was working on generator power. When I turned the inverter on from inside the coach everything worked just fine. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Benny.
  4. Sorry about that. I added it to the original post. I will go check the inverter/charger. Thanks for the info.
  5. This problem I have is driving me crazy because I can't figure out what is causing it. I have a 2011 Damon Tuscany MH. Here is what happened: I was cooking in the microwave, had a toaster on and a electric heater. Too much on at once and the power went out. I thought I popped a breaker but after checking the coach breakers and the pedestal breaker they were all fine. The crazy part is I still had power to the circuit that my washer and dryer plug into. I have checked the GFI, all fuses, breakers, cutoff switches and the 50 amp cord and can't find anything wrong. When I turn on the inverter all the plugs work. So everything works on battery power but only half the coach works when it's plugged in to shore power. The issue seems to be where the power comes into the coach and gets distributed. That is out of my electronic comfort zone. Anyone ever have this happen to them before? I plan to take it in and get it check by a technician as soon as I can get in. We are on the road and are currently in Ocean Beach, AL. I will keep you posted on this unusual problem.
  6. Just an update on our Homer trip. We left in March and just got back. We spent part of May all of June and part of July in Alaska. What a great trip. We ended up staying at the Heritage on the spit in Homer. Nice park and great location. We didn't like how windy it got which also made it too cold for us Arizona natives. If we were to do it again we would stay off the spit to minimize the chilly wind. Thanks for all the advice!!!
  7. Booked our stay in Homer Alaska yesterday. Thanks for all the input and helping with the decision. We ended up picking the Heritage RV park that is out on the Spit. They had monthly rates and we were able to get a rate right at $35 a day if we stayed at least 30 days which we wanted to do. Worked out great!!
  8. I plan to stay at the park my friend recommended. They are closed now but online reservations start January 1st on line. So after ringing in the new year I plan to jump on line and make my reservation. They offer monthly rates so it will really help with the cost. Right now looks like the sites not next to the water are $1000 for the month (30 days). I hope to score a site on the water which I am sure will go up some in price. Cross your fingers!!!!
  9. Thanks for the info. We have been planning and budgeting for awhile for this adventure we are about to take. Looks like the Heritage is going to be the best bang for the buck. They offer monthly rates. We plan to be on the road full time for at least two years. Who knows maybe we will need to keep making laps around this great country to see everything
  10. Thanks. When I asked my friends where the best RV Park was they said the Heritage by where they park their boat!! Maybe I can get the keys for the boat and catch dinner each night!!
  11. We are heading up to Homer, Alaska in mid June. We plan to stay for a month. We have some friends who live there so Homer is a perfect place to set up our base camp. We plan to adventure out with the Jeep and see other parts of Alaska. I have been doing some research on the RV parks up there and was wandering if anyone could give some first hand advise on which park they prefer in Homer. They all look good on the internet and our friends suggested we stay at the Heritage RV Park on the Spit. I guess it gets pretty windy when camping on the Spit. We are looking for monthly rates which not all parks offer up there. Let me know what you think! We are in a 40' Damon Tuscany and towing a 2015 Jeep 4dr Wrangler. Thanks, Benny.
  12. This was the first time I used this hose. It came with the rig. It seemed a little sketchy when I put it all together even though it's a pretty tight fit. I found myself worrying about it and checking it often. May look into the other ones that have a positive connection like you linked. Thanks for all the info. Benny.
  13. Thanks for all the info. I should have gave more info. I did have a water pressure value and water filter hooked up and the green handle was set to local supply when I was hooked up. I had no pressure so we turned on the water pump and then it was fine. My fresh water tank had was half full when we arrived and was empty just before we left so I know we were using that water. When I move the green handle from local supply to fresh water tank and still hooked up to campground water I could here the fresh water tank filling up. The panel showed empty on the fresh water and after moving the green handle it started showing the tank as receiving water. So by accident I think I figured out how to fill my fresh water tank using the campground spigot. Since we didn't have any pressure without the pump, I took the water pressure value off and the pressure was better. My neighbor next to me said he did the same because there was not enough pressure with it on. This KOA hauls water in and they said their pressure is not super great so I figured I was safe not having the water value on. I wander if the water valve is bad or too restrictive. So it is sounding like I did everything right. Not sure why the tank flush didn't work when I hooked it up. Here are a couple pics of the set up after I hooked it up. I always take pictures when I am trying to figure stuff out so I can remember what worked and didn't work.
  14. Hello all, I am very very new to the motorhome world. We have a 2011 40' Damon Tuscany DP we got about 2 month ago. We just took our first trip to a KOA in the MH and boy do we have a lot to learn. One thing that I thought I new but now I am not sure I do is the city water hook up. I had about a 1/2 tank of water in my holding tank and I think we were using it instead of the campground water. How do I know if the city water is working and it's not coming out of my fresh water storage tank I can fill at home? Do I need to use the water pump when I am hooked up to the campground water connection? I tried to flush my black tank out before we left but I could never get any water to come out of the black tank. I have attached a picture of my set up. Can someone comment on what the process is to flush the black tank? Also, the green handle value that has two setting (Local Supply and Fresh Water Tank). Is that how I can fill my fresh water tank when hooked up at a campsite if it is set to Fresh Water Tank? What does the Local Supply mean? Ugh! This forum has been very informative and supportive for us. Please feel free to use very simple "Everyone should know this already" terms. Thanks in advance for all your help, Benny.
  15. Finally got the Jeep hooked up to the MH. Took the rig out for our first trip up to Williams, AZ at the KOA. Everything went well but I have a lot to learn. Here are some pics of the set up. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. Benny.
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