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  1. Thanks Leary and Brett, I now have ideas to put into play.
  2. Thanks Brett, I'm slowly figuring out that there is NO comparison to working on my car's. I appreciate all your help, have fun in Perry. Roy
  3. I cannot see the housing from under the motor home, I'll have to pull the floor up to see it. Could you tell me both procedures so when I do pull the floor I will be able to change the filters? Also you said the fuel will continue to flow while the primary filter is off because of the vertical location with regard to the full fuel tank. I would have thought a simple in line valve would have been engineered into the design. Guess I'll have to work fast.
  4. Alliance ABP/N122-S32FRT04 Cat 1R-0751 These are the new filters I got from Cat with my Vin
  5. Yes I do have a secondary filter that is a bear to get to. It looks like I either have to remove the bedroom floor or somehow stretch my reach from under. Sounds like I have to figure that out to accomplish my task.
  6. Brett, Thank you very much for the quick response, I am changing the filters and the directions on the filter say to drain the filter first then unscrew the filter then remove the clear bowl. If the flow continues as is I will have quite a bit of fuel leaked out by the time I can put the new filter on. No primer is visible nor can I feel anything on the mounting bracket where the 2 lines come to the filter. Where would this primer be if not there?
  7. Hi Brett, I started to drain the water separator filter as instructed on the filter on my C7 engine but it seems to syphon as I have drained the equivalent of the filter with no slowing of the diesel stream. Am I not doing something to start? Thanks, Roy
  8. Thanks, next question....where is the sensor located and can I get to it? The Operators Manual is no help.
  9. Hey guys. I have a 7500 Onan diesel generator that runs for a minute and shuts down with a high coolant temperature fault code, but the coolant level is good and nothing feels hot, just warm. I went ahead and changed the fuel filter and air filter hoping for an easy fix but the same problem exists. The owners manual is of no help at this point. There is only 223 hours on the unit, which is in a 2005 Fleetwood Expedition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Roy
  10. Sounds like Michelin is the way to go and I found FMCA Michelin Advantage prices in my ares that are really competitive, it knocked $77 off per tire so I don't need to look further. Thanks for the input, Roy
  11. Has anyone had experience with Yokohama, Bridgestone, Continental or other brands in a 22.5 H rated tire? I've talked to several shops and some of them suggest these other brands since they will no doubt age out before they wear out and are considerably less expensive.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, tmoning.
  13. Does anyone know if the Michelin program lives or dies with Tony Lacey? I emailed him a couple days ago and have received no answer as of Monday evening.
  14. Butch I am in search of tires and found a "good" price but they only use equal for balancing, I can see why when all you do is throw in a bag. Anyway I noted the problems you had and was wondering if you had new valve stems with filters on the end when the tires were replaced? Thanks Roy
  15. Brett, Thanks for responding but my question was if the 96" could be mounted just behind the rear wheels. I do have small guards just behind the wheels now . There is no good place to mount at the rear without cutting about 7" off the 16" guard. Mounting behind the wheels has a lot of room but when I look at the whole area being blocked I was afraid there would be no air circulating around the transmission. Is this a legitimate concern?
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