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  1. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion in my garage right now that I worked with all last summer attempting to configure it to tow, (Adjust Trans. Fluid, Followed directions, Installed Remco pump) It never worked!!! I would certtainly not advise it! I am probably going to tow mine on a dolly, I think.
  2. This is very interesting! I presently have a Fusion sitting in my garage in Michigan and went through, I think, basically the same problems you did following its purchase. I also purchased a Remco, had it installed and had a problem with it also within about 50 miles. Since then I have removed all of my towing equipment and have planned to sell the vehicle and purchase something else. Has the new pump solved the problem for you? Also did your Ford dealer take care of the installation etc. of one or both pumps? Dwain
  3. Hello Richard, I have one of the RVI braking systems and while I haven't used it very much (I have a Ford Fusion that I have managed to tow 4 times) I feel it is certainly easy to install and set up. My Fusion is going to be sold when I return to Michigan this spring and when I replace it I hope the RVI brake will get a lot more use. I did have occasion to call the factory one time and the question I asked was handled easily and well. My sister had another brand that she tried to use for several years and never was able to get it to work for her. She has a different coach now with another brand of brake system and has said nothing about it so I guess it is working for her. Dwain
  4. Hello all fellow Fusion owners that "try to tow". I have just finished an entire summer attempting to make it possible to tow my 2010 Fusion SE that I purchased about 5 months ago. First I tried to follow Ford's direction. It didn't work. I then tried the directions on the Ford Corporation Bulletin regarding towing. It didn't work either. About that time Remco announced the availability of one of their pumps for the Fusion and after I waited several weeks for all the parts to become available and have them installed I tried again. This didn't work for me either. At this time I am waiting to have the pump removed from the car along with my "base plate" at which time the vehicle will go on the market and I am going to go in another direction. Unfortunately, I happen to like the car but just cant, or don't want to, deal with the problems any further. My Fusion, as I said, is a 2010 SE, and was purchased at a local dealer. I explained in detail that I wanted to tow it behind my motor home when I first met the salesman. We even read the users manual together. I have discussed with them the possibility of having them take the car back and find me something that will work though, to date, we are a long way apart on price. What I would like to ask is if there any FMCA members that tow either a Chevrolet HHR or Malibu that have experienced any concerns or problems using these vehicles as vehicles to tow. I just don't want to go through another 5 months of expermentation. Should anyone reading this post know someone that tows an HHR or Malibu would you please ask them to send me a note. Thank you so much for reading this item.
  5. I have been doing quite a little research on this personally since I posted this item and my wife found this information today on the "eHow.com" website. So far as I am concerned, following reading this and other items we have found, I am going to stick by the old chlorine bleach system. How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide. By Thomas King, eHow Contributor Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with many uses. These uses include bleaching hair, removing pollutants from the air and producing food. In addition, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a water disinfectant. Inhaling hydrogen peroxide can cause lung problems and the effect of chronic exposure to hydrogen peroxide is not yet known. Consequently, using hydrogen peroxide as a water disinfectant is generally considered a last resort in emergency situations. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1 Use a measuring cup to measure out 1/8 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide. 2 Pour 1 gallon of untreated water into a pot. 3 Mix 1/8 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide into 1 gallon of water in the pot and stir well. 4 Store the water in a clean, durable container and drink it within six months. Read more: How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6182395_purify-water-hydrogen-peroxide.html#ixzz1PlL5Zo9E
  6. I have had several friends talk about using Peroxide in the fresh water tank rather than the chlorine bleach proceedure we all know. I am wondering if anyone else uses this proceedure and if so what are the directions, as I have never seen anything written down, for its use.
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