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  1. We have been towing a 2014 Honda CR-V for almost two years now without any issues. We have the Road Master Tow Bar/ InvisiBrake setup, and it also has been trouble free. The Owners Manual for the CR-V does stipulate a maximum towing speed of 65 mph. I follow the manufacture's guidelines. I don't push my RV very hard anyway, so the 65 mph limitation is not a big deal. BTW, Honda changed the transmission for the 2015 model, and the current models are not approved for flat (4 wheels down) recreational towing. Dave
  2. We just stayed at Gouldings RV Park in October in our 38' coach and had no issues with the staff. In fact, they were very helpful. Our site was level and the hookups all worked great. The sites are dirt, so if it's rainy, be prepared for mud. The location is spectacular, and in my opinion, worth the price. We were located in the upper row (site 40), which is where they seem to put most of the big rigs, and the view was awesome. There is a dry camping area within the Tribal Park, but this is just parking on gravel with a picnic table for about the same price. I recommend taking one of the jeep tours. Even though you can drive your Toad on the "Improved Dirt" road to John Ford's Point, the Deluxe Tour gets you into areas of the park that are not accessible on your own. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the park, it's history, and the Native American Culture. Tours depart from the RV Park and you can also book them right in the park office. Hope you enjoy Monument Valley as much as we did. Safe travels!
  3. One more thought on this. In my 2008 Gulfstream, I have a similar switch that activates the holding tank heater pads. My switch stays illuminated when on, so maybe there is a problem with the circuit. My switch is also unmarked, but I was able to get someone from the factory to idenify it for me. Good luck, and safe travels.
  4. Hello Trynforpar, congrats on your new RV. I have been using an Android app called RV Checklist from Adventure Treks. This is a great tool that can be configured the way you like. It allows for additions to customize the list to suit your needs. I believe there is also a similar app for iPad/iPhone devices. Safe travels and smooth roads.
  5. Thanks jleamont.This is a very timely post as I am having the same issue with the lighted outside grab handle on my 2008 Gulfstream Country Club. It's encouraging to hear that the fix is not complicated. Could you share the part number for the LEDs you ordered from Amazon.
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