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  1. Not sure how familiar you are with Allison so I will answer as if you are new to this. I would start by contacting Winnebago and ask where they located the connector. It is for connecting the Allison diagnostic tool ( Doc program ). You cannot use automotive OBDII tools to read the info. On the trucks I worked on the diagnostic plug was a round plug with 9 pins. There are several types of connectors used for the diagnostic plug. My guess this connector would located in the rear compartment close to where the Allison ECU is located. Anyway it would be good to identify where this connector is so if you need service you can tell a tech where it is. Rich
  2. curious what C-9 you have? 40 mph on the 7% grade seems about correct depending on the hp/torque you have. It might be frustrating but if the vehicle decels on that grade quickly the trans may skip down a few gears and go from 6th to 4th for example. I suggest contacting someone at Allison application engr ask if they can run what is called a scan performance run and that should include downshift performance. good luck rich
  3. Hi Nick 1. towed miles 2000 -3000 miles / year 2.total towed 12,000 miles ( 2003 Malibu with 4T40) 3. miles before replacement less than 20,000 miles (total not towed miles) 4. stops 3- 4 hrs 5.usually 15 minutes rest every couple hrs if possible rest areas or gas 6. cruise at 60-65 mph 7. solid rubber rock guard under Motorhome rear bumper. Rich
  4. Ron I worked on Allison products in my career for a truck manufacturer. 1st in my opinion your 215 degree for converter out is OK, especially if this is the max you see going up grades or in high ambient etc. I do not have direct experience with Motorhomes with Allison ( I have a Ford F53 ) so this is just a guide based on my truck knowledge. There are two concerns the with the oil temp, one is the oil temp in the the sump which Allison says should be max 250 degree so the shift solenoids do not overheat . 2 - the life of the oil as jtbigdog discussed. High temp decreases oil life and requires more frequent oil changes. Allison install data says max converter out should be 300 degree F Also, Allison data says the sump temp.( which can be seen from a service tool) should be 200 degree F typical and max 250 degree F. To me your 215 degree converter out should provide approximately the typical 200 degree sump desired. Enjoy the CC Motorhome. again just a little additional info which I hope helps. rich
  5. Not sure, have not used this myself but reading some other forums about this it seems like it should not do any harm. It apparently fails to a full open position when the coolant temp reaches say over 240 degree F. If you can find out what brand t- stat was put in ( Motorrad was discussed in the post I read. ) maybe you can contact the supplier for more info. When the stat fails it fails to the full open and it stays full open. it then has to be replaced. Hope you can find someone with direct experience. good luck Rich
  6. William I checked with my local Allison service guy in Pennsylvania that I knew. Just a few ideas of his: Can you keep the key pad lit if you turn the key on but do not start the engine. If so you could retrieve codes which would be helpful. Also, he suggested checking the direct power cable and ground. It should be at the chassis batteries. If these are corroded it will create your problem. The connection can look good but corrosion can be inside the terminal and hard to see. He said sometimes he has to peel the connector apart to see it. He said this is a common problem. He said the direct power allows the trans to function even if the ignition power is bad. With a bad ignition power the trans will run but the check engine light comes on. If the direct to battery power is bad it will not power up. Hope this helps. rich
  7. This is going to be hard to diagnose because the shifter does not stay connected. It could be a problem with power supplied to either the trans ecu or the shifter. Suggest you call Allison service for help how to correctly check for power and ground. the Allison is all electronic and will not work when voltage drops too low less than 10 volt .If you can verify you have the power you can dig further. Also, I would think there is a diagnostic plug for the Allison somewhere possibly out at the back in a compartment near the trans. Let us know what you find.
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