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  1. I appreciate the input. I drained the reservoir and replaced the three Nelson hydraulic fluid filters in December 2017 and filled it with fresh fluid. Brett, please give me your opinion regarding the air conditioner fan control actuator. Where is it most likely located and how do I test it. jleamont, In 2014 when I was having the overheating problem I had the controller reprogramed from variable to on/off and that resolved the problem. This was recommended by Sauer Danfoss.
  2. During my recent trip to Florida I noticed that my engine cooling fan was not consistent. When it's working properly, the fan will go to high speed at 206F degrees and cut back to low speed at 182F. During this trip the fan would switch to high speed and remain on high keeping the engine temp at 177-179 degrees. Then for no apparent reason it would go back to operating normally. I was not able to determine any consistency to this erratic behavior. The fan might run on high for an hour or two then suddenly start working normally again. Turning the engine off and restarting didn't seem to make any difference. I have hard wired the Sauer Danfoss controller and checked all connections that I thought might be the problem. It is my understanding that my air conditioner has the ability to turn my fan on high when my evapertator needs more cooling. I would like to investigate this but I don't know how. Any advice on how I can check this out would be appreciated. The coach is a 2005 Country Coach Inspire 330 with a Cat C-9 Engine. My fan controller is a Sauer-Danfoss 1090385 S/N:1215877. This is the three pin controller that gets its input directly from my ECM. It does not have sensors like some of the Danfoss controllers have. Due to the inconsistency of the problem I'm thinking it's not the solid state controller itself but its getting erratic input or perhaps something else I'm not thinking of. Thank you, CCRider
  3. Brett, It's hard to tell, However, I think it's coming from the area where the tanks bolt onto the main core. RJ
  4. Richard, My coolant was changed and flushed five years ago to Peak Final Charge ELC coolant. Then in 2017 I drained and replaced with new Peak ELC coolant, so I think I have that area covered. Brett, The very few bolts that I have been able to get to I have tightened a little. But, no more than I can get to hasn't made any difference. Rich, I live in North Texas, Dallas area, so corrosion is not an issue for me. I never go to snow country in winter, spend little time along coastal areas and always rinse my radiator off when washing the coach. I appreciate all advise given. I have a Viking protection plan. I'm taking it in to National Indoor (Lewisville TX) tomorrow. I'm assuming they will pressure check the radiator and work with Viking for the most economical repair. It is a copper radiator with bolt on side tanks. I guess if they say it can be repaired it will be their call not mine. I'm going to have them pressure check mu CAC as well as I believe they will have to remove it to get to my radiator anyway. CC Rider #51264
  5. Shortly after I purchased my 2005 Inspire in 2011 the original radiator started leaking, not a big surprise right! So, I had it replaced in 2012 with a new copper & steel bolt on tank unit that I purchased through Country Coach. I believe they got it from Radiator Supply House in Oregon. All has gone well until last week. After a short less than 200 mile trip I noticed a substantial puddle of coolant under my radiator. Upon close inspection it appears as though the leak is coming from the radiator. All hoses & clamps are dry & tight. So assuming I need ANOTHER new radiator I don't know whether to go with another copper & steel unit or an all aluminum one. Advise & opinions are welcome. CC Rider #51264
  6. FYI I just received my SECOND Norcold check $307.52 CCRider 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  7. I really appreciate all the great suggestions. I will include many of them into our plans. Thanks again, CC Rider 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  8. My DW & I are planning an August/September trip from Glacier NP MT up to Banff Canada and then over to Vancouver Canada. Our goals are beautiful scenery, native animal sightings, hiking and some biking. I would appreciate routing and camping recommendations from anyone that has traveled this route. Our camping needs require full hook-up camps. We travel in a 36' motor home pulling a tow vehicle. Thank you, CC Rider
  9. Herman, thanks for your info. I look forward to seeing pictures. Here is another little project I completed. RJ 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  10. Ernie, neither, it's custom oak molding I made. RJ
  11. Here's a few pics of some of the modifications I've done. rj 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  12. Bill, no the right door opens a full 90 degrees. The adjustable shelf must be set to your liking prior to installation because the door won't open far enough to remove it after installation Rj 2005 Inspire #51264
  13. The rf18 fit in the same space as my old nc1200. i did have to Lower my floor by 11/2".
  14. I will soon drain & replace the coolant in my 2005 CC Inspire with the Cat C-9 Engine. Six years ago I replaced the original green coolant with Peak Final Charge 50/50 OAT technology. While price shopping I have noticed that the Peak Final Charge is available in two a versions, Nitrate free and one that does not state it's nitrate free. However, the one that does not claim to be nitrate free says it Cat approved. Can someone explain the differences advantages/disadvantages of each. Thank you Ron Jacobs
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