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  1. On March 12th, we learned of another coach going up in flames due to a faulty Norcold Refrigerator at TTO! We are so thankful the owners escaped safely! 4 weeks ago, we lost our Norcold absorption cooling unit in our '05 American Eagle 42R Coach. We had had problems with it being `shut down' by our added ARP protection device several times in the days leading up to the complete break down. By "break down," I mean smelling the ammonia leak one Wednesday morning when getting ready for breakfast. Some years back, being aware of the possibility of a fire from our Norcold unit, we had Paul Unmack of Absorption Refrigeration Protection Control ARPC L.L.C., install an ARP temperature guard device added to the rear of the Norcold. Paul Unmack is the designer of this ARP safety unit. This unit is simply a `safe-guard' which helps prevent fridge fires happening with these apparently faulty units. I say "units" because I've been told that Dometic Refrigerators have the same problem as well. When we looked into having a residential unit installed, we were given a figure of $5,500.00! Way out of our budget. Instead, we had Texas Custom Coach of Pipe Creek, TX install a new Amish Cooling Unit on our otherwise `OK' Norcold Refrigerator, for $2,000.00. Texas Custom Coach is among the few top coach tech service centers we have across this country and they do top notch work! If you're handy and knowledgeable working with your hands and electricity, you can reduce the cost of either a new cooling unit for your current fridge, or installing a new residential unit for less than 50% of having it done professionally. We also had the ARP control device installed on this new Amish Unit cooling unit as well. It might help for you to know the manufacturer of the Amish Cooling unit supports the use of the ARP safety device when neither Norcold or Dometic do. You can go to the following URL to check out prices for the Amish Cooling Unit, the ARP, etc. for yourself: http://rvcoolingunit.com Below is the info for contacting Paul Unmack to discuss any concerns you may have. We have found Paul to be both accommodating when we call, and informative in answering our questions. INFORMATION: Paul Unmack Absorption Refrigeration Protection Control ARPC L.L.C. ARPrvsafe@gmail.com (406) 494-1959
  2. Dear GE: I have a GE Advantium Microwave Oven (Model SCA1001HSS 01, Ser. #: HG900463K, Mfg. May '04) which simply quit working this past Sunday while baking. Having checked circuit breaker (turning off for 30+ seconds, then back on as recommended) & finding it had NOT tripped; checking power supply to outlet where Microwave is plugged in and finding it DID have power, I am at a loss as to `why' the unit has no power - even the LED readout has nothing showing. So, there is no power `within' the unit & our process of elimination has narrowed the `cause' down to something WITHIN the microwave. I called your national repair #800-626-2000 twice & have been directed to locate a service repair facility on my own to take care of the problem. Apparently you have NO customer service tech. I can speak to to ask questions, etc. We live in our 2005 American Eagle Motor Home & are at a disadvantage not having the unit, nor any info of any `competent' GE Repair provider to turn to. Can you help us? We are presently in the 37912 zip code area of Knoxville, TN & will soon be in the 29614 zip code area of Greenville, SC. Would appreciate being referred to a competent GE repair organization in both of these areas (neither SEARS nor HH Gregg fit this description). Thank you for your help. Clovis Gentilhomme cc: Family Motor Coach Association Escapees RV Club American Coach Owners Group
  3. My wife was baking a casserole @ 425 degrees today when suddenly, the Advantium just quite - clock lights 'n all. Outlet still powered so prob must be localized in the Advantium. Thougth possibly a thermo coupler had tripped & would reset after temps came back down - didn't happen. Any thoughts as to the cause?
  4. Took our '05 American Eagle into Lazy Days last Feb (2011) to have work done. While there, they checked our Norcold, found it within the recall #s & replaced the high temp monitor. Off we went w thanx to them for saving us trouble `on the road.' Just picked our Eagle up today after having the brand new replacement high temp senor replaced by Norcold for the 2nd time in 8 mos. Quality! That's what I like - quality:-( What's that you asked? What about my brand new, self setting Wineguard Slimline Antenna? Have I had any probs w it? Lemme tell you about my $2k Wineguard LG DTV Slimline Antenna - you sure you got a couple hours??????? Clovis 'n Ann New Hampshire 2005 American Eagle 42R
  5. Having had dogs most of my adult life, I can identify w dog lovers who want to take their `pooches' along w them in their motor homes. On the subject of leaving our dogs in our MHs unattended: Parks do have their own restrictions in many cases. However; we must always remember that many states have `laws' pertaining to dogs/pets & of course who could forget, CHILdren left unattended in any type of vehicle. So be sure you know the `laws' of the particular state as well. Providing A/C / heating /water have all been provided where appropriate, for me, the only other consideration is - is my dog a barker/yipper? One of the primary reasons we enjoy RVing is the `getting away from it all' aspect; nature, quiet parks, etc. When a dog owner leaves his precious Fido (Phydeaux for you sophisticated dog owners:-) alone whilst he, the owner, goes off for a day of fun & recreation, only to have Fido serenade the entire park w his barkinghowlingyipping, it is no phun for the rest of us RVers who are trying to enjoy the day. This past winter in Port Richey, FL, our neighbor went off & left his/their German Shepherd for a day - so they, the owners - could have some fun. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, their Shepherd let it be known to the rest of us, that he was NOT having a particularly happy day. Bark, bark, bark, bark; woof, woof, woof; bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, etc. Our big concern was it was hot, & the owner(s) did not leave the A/C on for this poor pooch! Park management received quite a large number of calls about this unfortunate canine - could be the reason the owners left the next morning:-( The only other consideration I have is this: Grilling our delicious meals & then consuming them is all part of the RV experience. So, to grill to perfection, set the table w all the sides, sit 'n cut the succulent steak, etc., spear the piece & whilst placing it in our mouth - look up to `see' someone's Fido dumping in front of our very eyes, has a tremendous dampening effect on the joys that wonderfully grilled meal would otherwise have provided - & it ALWAYS seems to happen at meal time - breakfast, lunch AND supper, yukk! Pa-leeze, pooch owners; have regard for other RVrs & take your dog to the outlying areas for them to do their "business!" (When in our `stick' house, Preparation `H' advertisements seem to pop up on the TV at those same times; I wonder... is this a conspiracy perpetrated by RV dog owners & Prep `H' do ya think?) W simply these couple of considerations, we can all have a wonderful time RVing, AND, your pooches will be happy 'n healthy too:-) Clovis 'n Ann New Hampshire 2005 American Eagle 42R
  6. Navigating the FMCA Web Site from Facebook. I clicked a link for solar panel information within my Facebook page and was immediately taken to that link, but that was it! http://www.fmca.com/motorhome/house-calls . though the site said "Welcome CAdvoc", I could do nothing! So, I then signed into FMCA online directly, but can find nothing (blogs, videos, etc.) where the answer to the links question about solar panels can be found. Distressed:-/

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      The link leads to a video in which the RV Doctor responds to a question about solar panels and battery charging. Just click the play button/arrow on the video player. You do not have to be signed in to view the video.

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      Thank you, tmoning:-)

  7. Another thing to consider: From time to time it's a good idea to use bleach to disinfect the entire water system of our coaches. It IS time consuming, but I understand necessary on an occasional basis. So, you need to find out how many cups of bleach per the number of gallons in your potable, on board water storage tank, add it to the tank, then fill to mix it in well. Then, run water out of faucets, shower, TOILET until you smell the strong odor of the bleach. Let it sit for a bit, then drain, refill your storage tank, flush all water lines to sinks, etc., until no more bleach odor (you say time consuming? You're right!). Fill & flush again. This will obviously flush down your toilet as well & may, in fact, address the source of fungus as being in your storage tank, if you've never disinfected it to this point. Good luck. I gotta go flush my tank... :-)
  8. 2005 American Eagle - Dashboard AC/Heater Control Box ground has blown three times in the last six mos. 3 RV Service Centers have "fixed" the problem, only to have it happen again. Now, I have `another' new control box & will be headed to `another' (the 4th) RV Service Center to 1.) diagnose the cause of the shorting out & 2.) have the new control box installed. Any suggestions, remedies, thoughts to help resolve this issue? Clovis
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