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  1. I've towed two Saturns L series automatics, last one had over 102,000 showing (didn't include towed miles) with no problem from them. We looked and drove three jeeps and a Honda CRV. Both had a rough ride as my wife has a bad back and needs comfort we discounted both. Also, we were surprised the Honda only comes with a 4-banger engine. After a test drive, it had no pickup speed in the mid to upper range, just a lot of noise from an engine being overworked. We chose the Buick Enclave meeting our needs and desires and towable 4 down..
  2. I found that a lot of the Murphy stations, associated with Sam's and Wal-Mart, offer a very favorable price compared with P/FJ, Loves, etc. Their diesel tends to be on the end islands and a lot of them have room to get in and out...some are tight and tighter with a tow. I check out the pumps when getting groceries and I have found by using the "bird eyes view" on maps I can scope out if there is sufficient room for my 37' coach. I use the Wal-Mart travel directory that lists all their stores, whether they have diesel and what exit they are at off the interstate.
  3. Jim, I'm on my way back East after driving on I-70, I-80, and I-90 to the West Coast, across those 7% hills and had some of those problems with my Fleetwood, Cummins with Allison also. I went to a Cummins garage where they told me I needed to flush the radiator, otherwise, it was okay. After I did this, my warning light did not come on unless the temp gauge went redline. I became a trucker real fast by monitoring my rpms vs the grade of the hill. I downshifted and dropped the rpms down, from 1750 to 1250 rpms, based on the severity and length of the hill. What I found was hills that didn't seem too steep but continued on for miles required the most monitoring. My temperature normally rides at the 11 o'clock position, but out on those hills it rode up to 12 o'clock easily. I employed the above technique to keep the needle below 2 o'clock and my warning lights didn't come on. A couple of the hills in Tennessee have slowed me slightly, but no overheating. Brian, Sorry to hear about your vacation, but enlighting that Coach-Net responded timely. I'd be interested in whether this fuse solves your problem, maybe I should check it out.
  4. Thanks to all veterans, prior and current that are willing to stand up for what is right, defend others who are too weak to do that for themselves and WE are the ones who gave and keep this country free. Welcome home! I am Stanley Griffith served in USAF from 1967-1975 as 2 LT to Captain in Comptroller AFSCs 6XXX, Management Analysis, Budget, Cost, and Program Management (Cobra Dane) at McGuire, Nam, and Hanscom AFBs
  5. Thanks for asking Nick, I'd like to see another Saturn quality vehicle come out for the market to replace mine and as to feedback: 1. tow 4 down approx 8,000 miles year 2. guessing about 50,000 miles of towing 3. shortly if I could find one of comparable size, weight, comfort, and durability; currently have 130,000 mi on L300 toad 4. Normally about six hours per day, but lots of time never unhook, so next day is same 5. Almost never stop for ten minutes...leave campground around 9 am, pull into next campground around 3-4 pm. Sometimes stop at a store or amusement if interested, but not usually. 6. Prefered Cruise speed in western states is 70-75; eastern about 65-70 7. Use RV mud flap-completely across rear and leather bra and hood/windshield cover for car 8. n/a I traded a Brougham Cadillac for this SMALL Saturn, so these little cars that Shack can't even get his knees down into are not inviting enough to go look at to replace what I've "settled for." Hope this helps and allows you to produce something that a lot of us talk about wanitng without squeezing into some "rice rocket" vehicle.
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