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  1. Great info, I am going to follow up on these and will upadte this in a few days. Thanks
  2. I am looking to replace the current Michelin 275/70/22.5 XZA2 Energy Tires soon that have DOT of early 2009. But according to Michelin these tires are on back order. I did heard back from a local Michelin dealer here in the the Houston TX area that he can get a set of 6 Michelin XZE2+ 275/70/22.5 tires and he is checking on the dates. Here are the specs on both tires. XZE2+ Michelin Americas Truck Tires XZE®2+ Page XZA2 Energy Michelin Americas Truck Tires XZA2® Energy™ Page No real difference in size, or load ratings, both LR J. The Energy tire is designated as an RV tire and the XZEA2+ is designated as a regional tire. I am going through the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program and the dealer does participate in the program. The XZE2+ is not listed in the Michelin Advantage Tire brochure but the dealer said another customer had talked with FMCA and said that they were also included. Before I go further, does anyone have any experience with this tire or any comments on as a replacemnt for the Energy tires. Thanks __________________ Don 2005 Airstream 396XL Diesel Pusher Motor Home
  3. I am in Texas also and I am going to take the written test soon. The DPS office in Richmond TX only gave me the Big white handbook and said to study section 14. I guess I better get the yellow one. What is covered in section 15 of the yellow book? thanks
  4. I have an Airstream 39' 396 XL Diesel pusher on a Freightliner chassis with 275/70R 22.5 tires and rims with rear duals. I have been looking at the Crossfire dual pressure balancing device and a TPMS such as the TST 507 system and would like to get some feed back from the forum. Thanks Don
  5. My coach has a rock guard behind the rear wheels
  6. I think I found a spot not to far from home that has drive through enclosed spaces with lockable doors on both ends. I am checking it out later this week. Don
  7. Has anyone installed the Protect-a-tow with a Chevy Sonic tow car. I have a 2013 Chevy Sonic and I am having a hard time finding a place to install the 2 eye bolts on each side of the Sonic to attach the protect-a-tow. There is not a lot to attach to and no way get to anything from the engine compartment. Any suggestions if you have a Chevy Sonic or other small car would be of help. Thanks Don
  8. Maybe someone in the Houston TX area can help. I am looking for good quality covered/enclosed storage for my 39' Class A motorhome. I live on the Southwest side of Houston in the Sugarland area but would drive a few extra miles for the right storage place. Thanks for any suggestions. Don
  9. Thanks everyone that gives me some options to look at. Don
  10. I just found a current thread that helps a lot Dinghy Towing Bounder.
  11. Hello everyone. This topic has probably been covered before i just can't locate it. I have a new to me Class A motohome diesel pusher and would like tow a dinghy 4 wheels down. My first choice was my current 2003 Mercury Sable (Same as Ford Taurus) front wheel drive auto trans. But from what I have been able to find it is not 4 wheels down towable. So I will need to look find another vehicle for 4 wheel down towing. Thanks for any input Don
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