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  1. Hello Everyone, We have just finished relocating to DeSoto, Texas. A Suburb of Dallas, Texas. On our trip down from Denver, the diesel generator has stopped working. It will crank, sputter and then quite. We are scheduled to leave for L.A. on the 2nd and I'm desperate to find a quality repair facility in our area that can address the generator issue and one of the leveling jacks that is not properly working. Can anyone recommend a repair shop here in the area, that is honest, experienced and isn't looking to gouge someone? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post here or send a PM. Thank you in advance. Robert
  2. We purchased our 2000 Safari Zanzibar almost two years ago. When we purchased our coach, there were a number of noticeable scratches along the entire body. It was pretty clear the exterior of our coach had not seen much in the way of maintenance. We hired Elegant Detailing, Arturo Urquilo (720-940-1290) to wash and wax our coach. We also wanted the bedroom carpets shampooed and to see if they would get some water stains out of the ceiling header. They arrived at 9AM as scheduled. They were here for 13 hours. We ended up expanding the service to include buffing the exterior prior to waxing it. The end results were absolutely amazing!!!! The pricing was extremely reasonable! So if you are in the Denver metro area, and you're thinking about having someone one detail your coach. We highly recommend you give Arturo a call. Very professional, very meticulous and very reasonably priced.
  3. I'm not going to bore anyone with all the details of this VERY frustrating experience. But I wanted to put this out there so that people are aware. We took our 2000 Safari Zanzibar DP in for service on the chassis, transmission and engine. While there they told us that the both calipers on the back axle were bad. Along with the ABS sensors, rotors and brake pads. There was also a wheel seal that was leaking. So, we authorized the $5,500 worth of work and were able to work with our warranty to cover the replacement of the calipers but not the collateral damage caused by their failure. We were supposed to pic up the coach on the following Monday. With plans to leave early Wednesday from Denver to Dallas. We called to make sure it was ready only to be told they had lost the nuts that hold the wheel insert in place. Further, although I left detailed instructions on how to remove the tire pressure sensors, they had damaged two of them. We were finally allowed to pick up the coach on Tuesday afternoon. We were loading for a six week trip! When we did pick up the coach the wheel insert was still missing. We brought it home, loaded through the night and went back on Wednesday morning to get the wheel insert and senors reinstalled so we could start our trip. They had ordered the wrong replacement parts. While there Rob, the manager of the RV Service Department instructed his staff to REMOVE PARTS FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS COACHES to try and fix out coach. I made it clear that I didn't think that was appropriate and requested that they simply install the valve extensions and sensors and we would wait until we returned for them to finish the work that took 6 days to complete but wasn't nearly done yet. So late that Wednesday we left for Dallas. We were with our coach 24/7 until we got to Dallas and parked. I went up on the roof to remove the security straps from the awning only to discover that BOTH of our 80W solar panels were gone!!! I spoke with management at TransWest and was asked to send photos. Which I did. Then I was told "We'll take care of it when you get back"... Well we did get back and we did take it back in and although they did get the right wheel insert this time, the two sensors on that part of the axle still do not work. Furthermore, they explained that the service sheet that I signed said they were not responsible for lost or stolen items from our coach!!!!!! The solar panels are $589.00 EACH! PLUS installation. To say we are frustrated and angry would be a huge understatement. But hopefully, someone will read this that was thinking about taking their coach to them and will find another more reputable place to take their coach for service!
  4. Good morning FMCA'ers~! We are currently in the Dallas area. We made the mistake of booking at the HI HO Campground. We are here house hunting and really need to be as close as we can to the Dallas area. Can anyone please suggest a campground that isn't right on the freeway but close to the city? We sure would appreciate it! Thanks,
  5. We have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar diesel pusher. When we purchased the coach the entry steps were bent towards the rear of the coach but they still retracted fairly well. On our way out of Denver Wednesday we had to make a turn on a road with a pretty big dip, being at an angle, the stairs not being retracted all the way, they scraped on the ground and bent towards the back of the coach even more. I called Monaco, and they don't sell just the steps themselves. You have to purchase the entire system including the motor etc. For $590.67. The way I figure it, they can't be too hard to replace. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to pick up a used set of double steps? I've contacted Colaw's but they don't have any in stock. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We're currently parked in the Dallas, Texas area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. We purchased our 2001 Safari Zanzibar DP 40' back in April. One of the first things we did was replace the standard 10 gal hot water heater with a Girard tankless. Now to say it was a smooth transition would be untrue. BUT! We finally got all the kinks worked out (the shop that did the installation of the first unit didn't do it correctly). As for the water flow, the Girard has two settings for water temp. Low and auto. And yes you adjust the water temp by adjusting the water flow. If the water temp coming into the heater is higher you can use the cold to temper the tempt of the water. Now having said that, when we got our Girard replaced in Phoenix (a genral manager arrived at our lot where we were staying, in a Jag no less, swapped out the unit for us, took about 20 minutes), he also gave us a new shower head. It uses air to increase the pressure of the water coming out of the shower head. Once he was done I took a 30 minute shower and I have to say it was awesome! Good pressure and consistant temputure. Since we got the unit replaced in Phoenix and ever since it's been a dream! We always have hot water and are not limited to shower time. We use our coach for work. So we are often in the coach, parked, for three weeks at a stretch plus travel time. I've had several other campers ask about it and we're always willing to show it off. The bottom line is this, we don't have to continually heat up the same water. It's on demand. We don't have to wait between showers for the water to heat up. It's very convenient and works like a charm. Although we had numerous difficulties with the first one, Girard was really helpful by sending out a tech while we were in Vegas after overnighting replacement parts, which they paid for. And then finally just replacing the whole unit and upgrading our shower head. We love ours. To your specific question about using the cold water supply to regulate temp. THe unit works based on water flow. The more water you push demand through the unit the less time it has to heat it. As I mentioned above, if the water temp coming out of the ground is higher you can adjust the temp to low. It works best on auto though. I hope this helps. If you have other questions about it feel free to send me a PM. I'm pretty familiar with the units now! LOL
  7. No worries. Glad to be of assistance. Not to worry I'll keep your secret!
  8. Well, it looks like I'm the odd man out. We park our coach at home. In order to do so we had to take out a tree in order to put the new drive way in. At the front of the drive way is a pine tree. Sap is constantly coming out of it. We thought about taking the pine tree out too. But I have things for trees. I like them. So we bought a cover from CW as well. It has pull straps built into it that go under the coach and on the front and back. Zippers allow for access to the coach without having to take the cover off. (Course we put our cover on at night just ahead of a storm, so naturally we put it on backwards!)... We get pretty high winds here in Denver from time to time and I've noticed that the cover does bellow a little bit but for the most part it's remained secure. Meaning the cover does get caught by the wind a little bit but it's not slapping against the outside of the coach. I read a post recently that suggested getting a large trash can with a lid (a new one), when we uncover the coach we just put the trash can in front of the coach and walk the cover off from the bank and right into the trash can. It's stored for the summer and when we need it we just pull it up at the front and walk it down the roof of the coach. Just my two cents worth.
  9. Not to sound simplistic. And I'm no authority on 5th wheels. But on our coach there is a switch in the wheel well of the entrance that cuts ALL power to the coach. If this switch is engaged and not turned "on" then you won't get any power from the 12V system in the 5th wheel. I think any way. Might want to check it out.
  10. Hopefully you've figured this out by now. But just in case I had the very same issue not long ago. I found the chassis fuses in the battery compartment (We have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar). On our coach the batteries are on the passenger side, just before the chassis service area. Open the door and look to the right side of the battery compartment. You'll see several black "squares" mounted on the wall. Just remove the caps and you'll find the chassis fuses. The house 12V fuses are located over the bed in the cabinet next to the breaker panel. Hope this helps.
  11. So, we were on our way back to Denver from Las Vegas. A business trip for a conference. Needless to say it was a whirlwind trip and it took a lot out of me to say the least. As a result we took our time coming back and decided to go through Wyoming instead of through Utah. You know, see the country and all that. We stopped on the Western border of Wyoming for the night and when we checked in we were informed that the water service at the sites had been shut down for the winter. However, we could fill our fresh water tank at the office and have water for dishes and showers. Okay, I thought. That's not a big deal. So we filled the water tank, disconnected the hose and proceeded to our camp site. We parked, dropped the jacks, pushed out the slide and went out to hook up the power. When we opened the door to step out side we heard running water. Not good since there wasn't any water being run in the coach. The water continued to spill out from near the front of the coach, I would say just behind the captain and co-captains chairs.... It took about 45 mins for it to stop. When it did I checked the water level and found it was down to 3/4 capacity. So, once again we took it to the shop. We just got the estimate back from them. Now, before I share the price, I should mention that we have the Star Interstate extended warranty and the policy states that the fresh water system is covered. We are in the process of submitting the claim now. The shop said it would take at least 40 hours at $125.00 per hour and does not include the price of the new tank (apparently it can't be repaired). So that's $5,000.00 plus parts. The question is, does this sound about right? Should I get other bids? Is it as involved as they are leading me to believe? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.
  12. Not sure if this will help but.... We experienced a similar issue with our diesel pusher. We finally discovered there is a switch on the thermostat that says, auto / on. It was set to the on position. So when the compressor would cut off the fan would continue to run. We moved the switch to the auto position and when the compressor cycled off so did the fan. Just a thought....
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