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  1. Until you get a chance to weigh your coach and inflate as per Hermin's instructions, Your tires should be inflated to the 90 lbs as per the sticker on the wall (or door) next to the drivers seat. I would go 80 for the low psi and 115 for the high psi although others may have further recommendations.
  2. Where and which parks in particular are you seeing this increase? We were planning to go to the Gillett area last summer but cancelled due to Covid. Most of our reservations were in the $75-80 range for a FHU pullthru in SD, Colorado, Wyoming. The cheapest might have been $65.
  3. Sounds to me like your batteries are toast. How old are they? I know you said that your batteries are at 13.3 but that sounds like a reading with your converter charging them. Disconnect your converter and then do a load teat after a few hours have passed.
  4. Hi Carl, I think they're just over $200 on Amazon. Yeah, Bose are good brand speakers too. Hope you are enjoying your new coach.
  5. JBL offers one of the best Bluetooth outdoor speaker for the money IMHO. We like this one in particular. Good volume, great sound. JBL Xtreme 2 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.
  6. Just get yourself an Amazon Fire Stick. Inexpensive, Very easy to use, just plug into the HCMI port on your TV, connect to your Wifi , and away you go.
  7. Remember to take your time and enjoy the journey! Happy RVing!
  8. ianbullock

    Tire PSI

    I agree with Ray, I would go with 80 PSI until you get actual weights. At 120 PSI I am not surprised that It rides like you're driving on rocks, especially if you hit a rough patch or a bump.... no 'give' in the ride at all. I am sure that the back end is probably all over the road as well.
  9. ianbullock

    Tire PSI

    As Richard said, "The best way to determine the proper tire pressure is by knowing your coach's actual weight (by axle) as you typically roll down the road, and then using the manufacturer's load & inflation charts to select the correct pressure." in lieu of this, you should inflate your tires to the 80 PSI specification as per you coach placard.
  10. Me too! Why invest all that $$ into a spare, rim, jack, and tools, and then carry around all that extra weight criss crossing the country? For the price of all the above you could probably pay for 10 years of roadside assist!
  11. I wash all of our window screens by first wiping down the screen with a damp micro fiber cloth (warm water with dish soap) to remove the dirt, and then drying with a second dry micro fiber cloth to dry. I do both sides. Works well and is a fairly short task.
  12. Maybe you are not resetting the oil life monitor correctly. Check your owner's manual for instructions.
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