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  1. Hi geraldrappdc, sorry to hear of your issues. For all service related support, schematics, parts, go to www.Winnebago.com. Click on "Parts and Service". All links for manuals are also there.
  2. On the 2001 Suncuiser I previously owned, the check valves were accessible at the back of the water heater by crawling into the adjoining basement compartment. There are two check valves, one on the inlet, another on the outlet. Was a tight maneuver but doable... As I recall they are inexpensive, like $20 or less each.
  3. Well I disagree and think it's worth every penny. In the last 20 years I have used it 4 or 5 times and each time the service has been great. $74 is cheap for RA, IMHO.... To each his own, I suppose...
  4. RA at $74 a year a waste? You must be kidding?
  5. It's my understanding that FMCA roadside assistance will bring and mount a new tire for you on the roadside where you are. If you do not want this service, but prefer to be towed to a garage to have a new tire mounted there, roadside assistance will provide this service too.
  6. I have seen them in use at NASCAR and IndyCar races. I don't think they really do much of anything. I mean the fumes go up but then they just come down again.
  7. Richard, yeah the useful tire life could be 7 years although personally I don't go much beyond the 6 year mark. You might say I'm a little more "risk adverse" than others...😁
  8. Yeah that's happened to me too, once or twice! 😁
  9. Kparr, not a good deal at all. Even at the sale price, now you'll only have a potential 5 yrs use instead of 6. I wouldn't buy a tire more than 2 months old.
  10. It's also possible that you have a leak in the roof top seam of your slide. Its possible for the water to leak behind cupboards and furniture and then come out onto the floor. This happened to me. Would suggest you get the slides roof top seams resealed.
  11. Carl, yes, if we use a US dollar cc in Canada, we get the benefit of the current exchange rate which see's a discount which is something like 25 to 30% currently. If we use our Canadian dollar cc's in the US, then we see the opposite, the current exchange rate see's us paying a surcharge of 25 to 30%. We're heading south the end of next week. Got to get away from this cold weather. A slight change in plans, we decided to head further south in search of warmer weather so we're headed to Port Isabel Texas. Will be there for January and February. Then we're heading to Arizona for March to take in the sites and the FMCA convention in Tucson at the end of the month. We'll definitely need to plan to get together somewhere for a visit....
  12. IMHO...Good quality Class A MH handles the best.
  13. Yeah, we have US Dollar credit cards too as per the OP. No issue with those either, they work for us fine as advertised.
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