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  1. I use the Inogen G3 not 24/7. My unit is 1-4 liter pulse only .It comes with 2 batteries 4 hrs each only if using 1setting only. I use 3 pulse setting when I use it Batteries last about 2 1/2 hrs. on that setting. You can charge it 12 volt or 120 and use it at the some time if your driving or sitting. Its a great unit portable light to carry. I made a backpack to fit it into so it's not sliding off my shoulders and it keep my hand free for fishing etc.
  2. I have 2 transponders One on the rv , other one on the toad for( a car rate). they work independently. So i get billed correctly whatever Im driving or towing seperately or together.
  3. Harbor freight .com has them rv 7 way to 4 flat $ 10.45 I didn't see a part # listed look under trailer wiring . Good luck D Fedora
  4. I too have an E-450 Ford Chassis. Mine is 2005. There are 2 different rims Ford used. I've tried 90,135 degree. No luck. I've heard that using a long Braided line will work also for the outer wheel. Just don't try sharp corners. That's what I will be trying next myself. But I too would like to hear what will really work. Good Luck ****
  5. I tow a 2007 Wrangler using a (Ready brake system)--no 12 volt required. I do disconnect the battery. I had a set of new keys cut at Walmart but without the chip so it works for the doors etc, but you can't start the engine for more than 5 seconds without the engine cutting out but it works for the steering lock. ****
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