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  1. Star Jet , Done and I'm happy. Turns out they do more than just paint BUT the paint job that the Ins. said would be 2x more that what they did it for So if you are in Ohio and want a tol. new paint or like me a touch up, I will go back to these folks.. Now for the Diamond Shield with more mold than my feet ( joke folks) and my almost new MH will look and work new again . Thanks for the tips ! Ride Safe
  2. picking up on this Thur... next job for me will be the front end where Diamond Shield looks sick. hoping to get it fixed this Jan. in Fa. https://uglyshieldremoval.com/ have talked with these folks seam like they are good guys. Now with their stuff you can do it your self or take it to them and have it done and over with in just 8 hrs . Sounds like if you do it your self with no paint lost for less than $200.00 . So if you front end has stuff gowning on it you might ck. out this Vid. removing Diamond Shield
  3. Ok , no one knew any thing , so w/so few places to have this work done, I went ahead and took the MH there last week. Price was right and look as if they do a lot of MH work. The two other places that run ads on MH paint w/in 2 1/2 hr. from S.E. Ohio did not return calls. Well up date when I get it back.
  4. Mark all the way down the side. It's only about 1 1/2 wide but two places it's deeper than the paint. any info on Star Jet by **** Cahill 3235 McKinley Ave. Columbus, Ohio ,, ,I'm in S.E. Ohio Thanks for any help.
  5. We did Ft. Gordon this year. It's off post a ways but nice with BIG lake. And cheap.
  6. I see that this is an old post, but here goes. Just about all the mil. post/bases I have been on have someplace to store RV's $25. to $35. a mo. ( Fl, Ga, S.C.)
  7. sasmit is right, nice place, can be on water and darn near in town.
  8. Good to know , I think! I have the mold growing on my 12 Georgetown. Have been talking w/Forest River about it . They say it's on Diamond Plate folks. But they happen to be right down the street. The person I talked w/there said he has never heard of anything like this and if it was on them they would fix it. Soooooo I go to Elkhart on the 7th of July for some work at FR then we will see about the mold.Yell at me after that & we will see what happens and how it's done. ( I hope)
  9. 2012 mol.329. 5000mi, window leaking , door will not shut right . air was not filled when new. looks good right now NOT a happy camper
  10. Had that on mine when I got it. Qustion is what is it and where to get it?
  11. May be it was better than being inside w/DW?
  12. Don't think so. Most of the time if you pay cash the dealer will make less because the banks pay them to write the deal up and for getting them the loan-- called dealer prep. I sold cars for a year and sometimes make real good money of the DP and the higher the rate they get you the more they make!
  13. Maybe where you are BUT in Ohio , you can pull into any State Park and pick your site. In S.E. Ohio we don't make alot of money and $3.90 a gal is a real kick in the butt. We have the oil but it's all in the ground not at the pumps. We were at Jackson lake S.P. for a week and the only campers there 3 of the 5 nights. The other two nights 3 others showed up and 4 guys on MC to tent camp for one night.
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