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  1. I'm going to clean the area and do a close and open test. I want to try to find a sheet of plastic and patch the area. It seems the bottom of the slide is one big piece of plastic under the wood slide floor.
  2. It had to holes where it fastened to wood floor. I couldnt find the screws. I used new ones and put it back in. Slide closed but got hung on something when I tried to reopen it. I got it opened and it caught a bolt. See picture.
  3. I noticed this plastic block under slide after I opened it. It seems to mount at bottom entrance where slide room enters rv. The bottom edge of slide has a slanted edge also. The block glides the slide over the edge of opening. Im going to try to reinstall it where it came off.
  4. I have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma XL 2 Slides
  5. I replaced lower in cable for slide. Prior to removing cable I noticed some cables have more slack then others. I was wondering if that is normal and after replacing cable I took picture of slack. The slide is all the way out now and prior to putting trim back up want to know if I should tighting cable so all have tension??
  6. Im trying to see if my battery connections are correct. When the rv engine is running the interior control panel will show batteries charging but when hooked up to shore power it never shows batteries charging. The panel will show the status of the batteries if it goes down to fair or low. The panel never shows the charge light but if it is low after a while the panel shows good again? Also I noticed if I turn off the chassis switch I dont get any readings from the master panel?? I thought that would be controlled by the house batteries??? Im including pictures of battery compartment. The House switch is on the left and Cassis is on the right. I have owners manual but it doesnt have any information on correct wiring. Its a 2008 Monaco La palma XL
  7. Just noticed one cable broken and other frayed. Is this a hard do it yourself repair???
  8. msgtnobody

    Hankook Tires

    I just bought 6 tires (Hankook ) AH37's i had all balanced and it came to $2500.
  9. When the steps open or closes the motor continues to operate and it makes a sound like the gears are still trying to extend or close the steps. Is there a way to adjust motor/gear to stop after the steps are fully open or closed?? I have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma
  10. msgtnobody

    Hankook Tires

    Was the price you paid for the hankook tires including the balance and mounting price?
  11. Having problems with them now. Was told turbo and egr valve is bad. GS told shop egr not covered and assessor will come out and determine if turbo is bad. So after giving ok to remove parts I might get stuck footing whole bill.
  12. They were the correct batteries I removed. The rv would not start when I removed them
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