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  1. Im trying to see if my battery connections are correct. When the rv engine is running the interior control panel will show batteries charging but when hooked up to shore power it never shows batteries charging. The panel will show the status of the batteries if it goes down to fair or low. The panel never shows the charge light but if it is low after a while the panel shows good again? Also I noticed if I turn off the chassis switch I dont get any readings from the master panel?? I thought that would be controlled by the house batteries??? Im including pictures of battery compartment. The House switch is on the left and Cassis is on the right. I have owners manual but it doesnt have any information on correct wiring. Its a 2008 Monaco La palma XL
  2. Just noticed one cable broken and other frayed. Is this a hard do it yourself repair???
  3. msgtnobody

    Hankook Tires

    I just bought 6 tires (Hankook ) AH37's i had all balanced and it came to $2500.
  4. When the steps open or closes the motor continues to operate and it makes a sound like the gears are still trying to extend or close the steps. Is there a way to adjust motor/gear to stop after the steps are fully open or closed?? I have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma
  5. msgtnobody

    Hankook Tires

    Was the price you paid for the hankook tires including the balance and mounting price?
  6. Having problems with them now. Was told turbo and egr valve is bad. GS told shop egr not covered and assessor will come out and determine if turbo is bad. So after giving ok to remove parts I might get stuck footing whole bill.
  7. They were the correct batteries I removed. The rv would not start when I removed them
  8. Would It be a positive or negative? I had 4 single positive cables connected to chassis batteries and 3 single negative ones. The picture of compartment shows all loose wires while batteries were out.
  9. That's how I noticed I was having a problem with batteries. The solenoid was clicking. When I checked batteries the house were good but chassis were 6.5v and 7.1v. I took them out and tested them. One was bad other wouldn't fully charge. They were 7 years old. After putting in new batteries no clicking.
  10. I know that. That's why I am asking on this forum.
  11. Had a problem with chassis batteries, make a long story short. While testing batteries I noticed that all interior 12v lights, master control panel that shows tank levels and battery power level level were powered by the chassis batteries. the only controls that worked from master panel were slide switches. So I know the slides are working from the house batteries. When I removed the bad batteries and replaced them with new all sytems worked again. I made sure i did not have house & chassis batteries switched. I dont know if connections are original because I bought rv used. I am enclosing pictures of battery compartment prior to adding new batteries. My question is why would interior lights and control panel be using Chassis batteries??
  12. I am starting to consider buying an RV lot in Florida, to stay in the winter months. Has anybody had experience in what type of financing/mortgage is available for this type of purchase??
  13. I went to Advance Auto and bought a BWD starter solenoid part #s5047p I have levelers again
  14. I got the new motor and installed it. Would you know it still didn't work. Did the trouble shoot guide and came back bad solenoid. The levels worked when I jumped solenoid. My new question is the power jack part number for the new solenoid is #500310 . When you see it, it only shows 3 terminals. my current solenoid(bad) has 4 terminals. Anybody know what type it is. I cant see any numbers on it.
  15. The pump didn't work. It must be a bad motor?? I tried everything in Powergear trouble shoot guide. I even disconnected all wires cleaned all rust off and still nothing even gave it a couple of love taps ha ha.
  16. My powergear system powers on but pump motor doesnt start. I tried following the trouble shooting guide from powergear. confused with connect 12vdc to motor side of solenoid. which spot is motor side??? You have red power, black ground and the blue wire on the solenoid. Where do I test with 12vdc??? There is 12v power going to solenoid but how do you test it. I know from experience with cars you just use screwdriver and touch both posts. Dont want to mess anything up by doing that. Pictures would help.
  17. I think I should get the 4 (6) volt batteries. because I would like to use the generator sometimes. The owners manual says: 6 Volt Domestic** U2200 (4 each) 450ah 75 Amp @ 80° F = 230 Min
  18. I bought a used 2008 Monaco Lapalma and just noticed that there is only 1 12v deep cycle house battery & 2 12v chassis batteries. The original owners book said it had 4 6v batteries for house. Should I replace the 12v?? I don't plan on boondocking at all if I don't have to. What is proper wiring I would need to do it if I have to change batteries.
  19. I just bought a used 2008 Monaco LaPalma and just realized that it has 1 12v house battery. The owners manual shows it should have 2 6v batteries. Could this be a problem ??? I don't do much dry camping.
  20. I just bought a 2008 Monaco LaPalma LX with the Cummins Diesel and Allison 6speed auto. Driving it home I got 11 mpg.
  21. RV is fixed (Replaced slide pump & motor) and enjoying it again!!
  22. Seems like RV shop is having hard time finding replacement parts(motor & pump) to fix slide out problem. Anybody got any recommendations?
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