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  1. Hi John - I saw that my profile has a post from you but it got cut off and I can't view the rest of it. Can you email me at caylorl@pilottravelcenters.com? Thank you!

  2. For everyone's info I just fueled up at the FlyingJ in Black River Falls, WI at the truck pumps. The truck house is under renovation, and you have to go to the

    main building, and I hope it isn't raining like it was for me. I gave the gal my J card and I had to do a pre-pay. I hate that! After I finished fueling I went in for

    a receipt and low and behold I was charged the c...

  3. Thank you for giving us a chance despite the negativity. We are working hard to make things up to our RV customers.
  4. Actually, you no longer have to show your driver's license to a cashier to activate pump start. It should activate as soon as you register your card. We changed this back in mid-March to make it easier on customers.
  5. Hello everyone - I want to let you know of a new thread I started under General Discussions that the forum moderators have pinned. Here is the link: I have found this to be helpful in answering questions about Pilot Flying J. On this thread you will see all of the latest RV info and links to our RV websites. You also will find info on how to contact Pilot Flying J if you have a situation where something didn't work properly at one of our stores. I highly recommend you using the process and email address that I have posted on this thread for answering your questions. This email goes directly to our RV specialist in customer service who can easily pull up your account and see where the problem may be. If the info provided doesn't answer your questions, please post your question on that thread for me to answer. I will be mainly focused on that thread versus this one. Thanks for your help and for letting me be part of your community!
  6. Hello FMCA Members, I have started this thread with the blessing of the FMCA forum moderators for questions about Pilot Flying J's RV Frequent Fueler Program. If you need help with a specific RV incident, please send an email to RV@pilotflyingj.com with the following info: a. Your RV Real Value or Frequent Fueler number. b. The transaction number from your receipt. c. A short narrative explaining your concern. d. The names of PFJ people you talked to. e. Date and place the transaction occurred. f. Your name, email address, and phone number registered with your RV card account. For all other questions/comments please contact PFJ directly at Pilot Flying J Customer Service. The following two links should be read before posting questions about PFJ's RV Frequent Fueler Program. They answer most questions. 1) http://pilotflyingj.com/rv-home - Please be sure you understand and follow the fueling process outlined in the RV section of our website at this link. If the process is not followed, discounts and cash price may be lost for that transaction. 2) http://www.frequentf...radvantage.com/ - Follow this link to register your RV Frequent Fueler Card (or the RV Real Value Card from Flying J before the merger). From this site you can register a card, create an online account, and check back on your online account. Below is general information regarding fueling for RVers at Pilot Flying J: 1. You must register your PFJ card (your old Flying J card or one of the new orange RV cards provided by all PFJ stores) to activate the Pump Start Feature at the truck diesel islands. 2. At the truck pumps, the first screen may ask for an ICC #. Just insert your registered RV Frequent Fueler Card and follow the instructions on the screen. 3. In AZ discounts are not allowed or require a different process. Signage at these location needs to be read to understand what is available and how to acquire a discount. Due to regulations in NJ and WI, PFJ is unable to give any fuel discounts at locations in these states. Specific tax regulations in IN and OR are currently preventing us from processing discounts at the truck diesel lanes. We are working on a solution. Until we reach this solution, you will need to use the RV lanes to obtain your discount in these 2 states. 4. There is no ability to process credit cards at the truck pumps. PFJ is looking at allowing this in the future. 5. When paying for fuel pumped at the truck diesel pump, present your payment method and your registered RV frequent fueler card to the cashier. The net cash price (discount and cash price) was displayed at the pump, once the pump recognizes you are a frequent fueler. It will not be broken out as line items on the receipt, but reflected in the overall total. The following are additional items and assumes one has a registered PFJ RV Real Value Card or RV Frequent Fueler Card: 1. The Pump Start feature is available immediately once your card is registered. There is no 500-gallon minimum before the feature activates. 2. Pump $ cutoffs: 2a. VISA Auto/Car Lanes = $150. 2b. VISA RV Lanes = $495. 2c. MC, Discover, AMEX Auto/Car & RV Lanes = $75. 2d. Payment method does not matter at the truck pumps. Truck Pumps = $750. 3. Payment method is not a factor for starting the truck pump. 4. Payment method in cash or check at the RV/Auto pumps will require one to go into the store to get the pump started. 5. There are no limits on the amount of discounts one can earn.
  7. I am so sorry for the confusion. I thought that portion of the website had been changed already to reflect the new procedure. I just sent a message to IT to have that fixed immediately. You are automatically registered for Pump Start at the truck diesel lanes when you register your RV card (whether it is an older FJ card or one of the new orange RV cards). You do not have to show your license to a cashier or fuel 500 gallons to receive the discount. This is a requirement for our blue Professional Driver cards but NOT the orange RV cards or previous Flying J RV cards. I hope this helps cut down on the confusion. Also, if you would send me your card #, I can look it up to see what the error is. Please email me at lynsay.caylor@pilottravelcenters.com. Thank you!
  8. Actually, you do not have to show a driver's license for registration. You just need to visit http://www.frequentf...radvantage.com/ to register your card. Pump start is automatically turned on for all registered RV cardholders. Even if you registered back with Flying J several years ago, if you haven't registered since Dec 15, 2010 through our new program, your card won't start the pump to get your discount.
  9. I am sorry for the misinformation that this store gave you. I know this has been more of a headache for you than anything else. Do you know if your card has been registered or not? I can check that for you if you sent me your card # to lynsay.caylor@pilottravelcenters.com. If your card is registered, you just need to swipe it at the truck pump, fuel, pull forward, and then pay inside when you are done. The only way to receive the discount at the truck pump is by swiping at the pump. The total on your receipt should then reflect the cash price plus the $.03 discount. This won't be a line item on the receipt, but it will be reflected in the total. I'll be sure to have someone address this at that store as they were incorrect in telling you that you get the credit price. You do always get the cash price + discount when you swipe your loyalty card when fueling.
  10. I'm glad you received a reply. Did they get you all the answers you needed? If not, please let me know how I can help. Thank you! We certainly are trying!
  11. Yes, there is a solution for this, and we will have that capability later this year. We have a whole new system going in place this summer that will allow us more control than we do now so that we can start the pump and process credit cards at the truck lanes. I do not have a definite time on when that will be available, but I will post on this forum when we do have that functionality.
  12. KKelly - I talked with our technology group and the limit is still $750. Looks like we had a glitch in the system for a few days that stopped the pumps at $250. That has since been changed. Please let me know if you have any other issues with this. Thanks so much for your patience.
  13. Hi KKelly - I thought the limit was $750 for truck lanes so I will have to check with technology to see if that was changed. I'm sorry I don't have that info right off the bat for you, but I will get back to you shortly. I am sorry you haven't received a response on this yet, but I will get you an answer. Thank you!
  14. Hi Paul - At the RV lanes you put your credit card in first then it will prompt you for your loyalty card. If you are paying with cash, you do have to prepay inside where they will swipe your card. If you were to use the truck lanes, you swipe your loyalty card only to start the pump and then pay inside when you're done.
  15. Hi Bill - You put that so perfectly. I'm definitely sharing that with the group. As the system works today - if you have registered your RV card either at the register, an in-store kiosk, or at http://www.frequentfueleradvantage.com, YES - it will work that way. One important note is that you need to swipe the RV card ONLY at the pump - no CC. What the problem seems to be, is that old info is still hanging out in the stores since we've updated the program. We are furiously working on getting all that removed and only have the most recent info available. Please keep me updated on your visits so that I can correct anything. Thank you!
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