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  1. Wow! Wish I could help. I could not blame it on the Brake Buddy. Cost $2,000 to fix my stupid. Bet I never let the emergency brake on again.
  2. Today my daughter was driving our 2007 Saturn Vue and the brakes all of a sudden locked up for no apparent reason. I left the car in California for my daughter to drive and the lockup incident happened a couple of hours ago right before a railroad track and she barely made it across the track. She said it happened all of a sudden and she "gunned it" to get past the tracks. A man happened by and looked "under the hood" and somehow got them released and went on his way. She did not know what he did but she drove it to a nearby Goodyear store where we had a complete brake job done two days ago. I made a stupid error last week and left the emergency brake on when towing. This fried the brakes and I had to replace drums, shoes, calipers, cylinder, fluid etc. This work was done Tuesday. I am wondering if this brake work could have somehow bothered the brake buddy or Blue Ox system and caused the malfunction. The brakes were done by the Goodyear store and I spoke to the guys there a while ago but they knew nothing about the toad braking system. We have a new Brake Buddy system installed with a Blue Ox tow bar system and tow the Vue behind our 2007 Holiday Rambler that we recently purchased. We have driven it about 3,000 miles and have not had any problems while towing with the system activated with no problems. I have not had a chance to talk to the installing dealer who is here in Michigan. I will call them tomorrow. I know very little about this since I am a new RV owner. Is this a common problem that can occur? Strange that it happened when the Vue was not being towed. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks very much for the great explanation. I get it now. The inverter did shut off after a while. The heat on the cord was probably because I was using an extension cord to reach a power outlet for shore power. Need to move the coach a little closer. Thanks again, these forums are great.
  4. I'm am a newbee so forgive my ignorance. Just brought 07 Holiday Rambler Ambassador back from some minor repairs. Hooked up power to 15 amp service and also had generator running while working inside with A/C running. After disconnecting all power and turning everything off the inverter is still running. It's been over an hour and still running/humming. The power cords were a little warm when I disconnected them otherwise everything seems normal. Why is it still running?
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