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  1. We have decided that bunk beds will improve the quality of the RV experience with our grandkids. Are there "standard" bunk bed dimensions for bunk bed mattresses used in RVs. They seem smaller than what I might see at a mattress retailers. Is there a "standard" RV manufacture nomenclature for which models have bunk beds.
  2. After selling my business I felt I needed something to keep me physically actively and engaged. I have a long list of completed upgrades and improvements and I don't expect I will ever get my money back. What I got was a sense of achievement and a personalized "classic" RV. Now that everything is finished we enjoy the journey as much as the camping. The RV has over 100k miles. However we are frequently traveling with another couple who have a 26' Rio and we use our "classic" for meals and evening entertainment. Now I am starting to wish we had a slide out. We will see what the future holds. Consider a good compound polish rather than a new paint job if you have a fiberglass unit. Check at boatyards for recommendations. Also take a photo of a unit you like the paint design of and take the photo to a good sign and design shop. I have done RVs for charities and the cost was a lot less than paint. At one time most of the current "paint" designs were done in vinyl. I believe many RV manufacturers still use this method for new design showings. Elgin
  3. I have changed out much of the fluorescent lighting in my classic 20 year old coach. As I am formerly from the sign business I have access to many types and "colors" of LEDs. We chose a color close to the GE reveal incandescent bulb. We like the new lighting but came across a problem we had not considered. At the coach entry (inside and low to the floor) there is a switch that can be used to turn on one light to ease entry in the dark. That light can also be turned off (or on) at the fixture so its a 2 way fixture. In other words the light can be turned off or on at two different locations. After the change to LEDs the floor switch MUST be on for the other switch (at fixture) to operate. I am told that the old fluorescent mechanism allowed a 2 way switch but that is not possible with LEDs. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if you were able to find a "work around". Thank You
  4. Just a note of curiosity as to why you would not suggest driving the tunnel Zion NP. I see in other posts such as the Million Dollar highway that the tunnel should be avoided also. If 40 footers are traversing the road and have no problems why is it not advised? The highways dept. close the road to oncoming traffic for coach convenience so they must feel the road is safe. If its just a matter of lack of confidence, fine, but is that reason to not recommend the road? I can understand not recommending a road that has no guardrails. A moment of distraction can spell disaster, but in a tunnel I would never be distracted. I am not asking just to be a pain in the behind. I really want to know. Elgin
  5. My advise would be to keep on looking. My friend who was in the decal business in Portland OR had some problems due to the recession and has moved on so I have no local suggestions. There are many good vendors in the northwest area who will be able to look after your needs, and some who will take advantage of you. The sign business is like any other business and establishing trust takes time. I would suggest looking at the Signbiz website and find a store associate in your area. I worked with them for years and you will not find a finer group of business professionals in the sign business. They are located in Dana Point CA with store associates throughout USA and internationally. Decals are self adhesive, so the surface you are attaching them to needs to be clean and free of contaminates. Basically a good wash or power-wash and a scrub. Some vinyl decal are made to be removable at a future date without leaving artifacts behind. Consider the cost savings to Rotor-Rooter when they trade in a fleet of 6000 vehicles or UPS with probably a 100,000 fleet. 3M makes a very high end product, at high end pricing. If you spend some time on the internet you can educate yourself sufficiently to be confident in your purchase decision. Some factors to consider, substrate quality (vinyl) printing method (eco solvent, solvent or uv cured) or others developed in the last 3 years. And, basically if you see a sign or decal you like, ask the business (or purchaser) if they would use them again. Try to find a small progressive business. Business people like to share there experiences good or bad. I always advised my clients to seek out satisfied buyers and take there advise. Looking after my clients fed, clothed, and educated my family. Find a local shop you (or others) have trusted and install a great looking picture that expresses your personality. I would encourage others to do the same. Life needs color and expression. Elgin
  6. I am a retired sign business owner and have placed vinyl "decals" on many coaches as one of my most valued clients was a RV dealer. You are only limited by your imagination, and budget. We calculated our pricing by the difficulty of the installation and the square footage of the project. There are a considerable amount of product qualities available so try to educate yourself before you make your buying decision. Elgin
  7. In my search for a solution to exactly the same streaking problem I found a post on SailboatOwners.com titled Tips For A Great Buff Wax. Take a look at http://forums.sbo.sailboatowners.com/showthread.php?t=117266. I think it will also be a good solution to another problem asked about in "How do you stop white streaks" farther down the page. One other thing that may be worth considering would be, to be sure that it is a gelcoat and not paint. I understand that a gelcoat finish is what you may find on older "Classic" coaches and that newer coaches often have clear coat over paint. I agree that you should use caution when working on a roof, it may be a good idea to find a young person who has faster reflexes and better balance, that's my plan. Elgin
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