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  1. Using Good Sam Roadside Assistance is useless unless you have a spare or want to be towed. Good Sam refuses to dispatch a tire service for repair. Personal experience on this one.
  2. Here is a little help. Wife and I are full time, left Redondo Bch in March 2011 & travelled to Coeur D'Alene. From Coeur d'Alene we traveled to Glacier then to Flathead area. When we went North into Idaho we did so through Reno, NV and North on US 95 stopping in Eagle, ID then McCall, ID to Coeur d'Alene. Eagle & Boise were okay but not spectacular. McCall on the other hand was exceptional. We arrived 4/26/11 and there was still snow on the ground. The city and area were pretty much still in winter mode. That said, there is a large mountain lake, the RV Park was truly a resort with pool, jacquzzi, weight room, etc. & camping spots on the river. North from McCall followed a stream which was a beautiful drive. We drove into Lewiston, ID then onto Coeur d'Alene. In Coeur d'Alene we first stayed at Blackwell Island RV, a very popular location on the Spokane River with a river dock and boat rentals. There is also another campground a bit North on US-95 named Alpine RV Campground. Either location is centrally located to the area. From Coeur d'Alene to Glacier Nat'l Park we traveled a Northern route on US 95 to Bonners Ferry then across US-2 to Kallispell, MT which is Glacier Nat'l Park area. From Glacier we traveled South on US-93 to Missoula (Jim & Mary's RV), thereafter we used I-90 through MT enroute to Cody,WY. We visited Yellowstone from Cody then went through the park to Jackson, WY. There we stayed in Nat'l Park campground: Gros Ventre {grow - von} (most awesome place we've been). We did all this traveling in a 45' diesel pusher pulling a Ford Escape. Without hesitation I can say the roads we were on were okay to travel with any type RV. Recommendations: Sand Point, ID, "Woods V bar X Ranch" local grown and processed beef is worth the stop. Lake Pend O'Reilly {pond-o-ray}, 1200' deep fresh water lake. Polson, MT, "Miracle of America Museum" nominal cost to enter, looks like a junk yard on exterior but the operator has collected so much it is like a trip through history. Polson is also home to a "Motor Coach Resort" where you can own your own space, I don't but drove through the place. Kalispell, MT, Whitefish Mountain is a ski resort and in the summer they set up Zip Lines. It was our first before traveling across the country. Wife was terrified before, now she searches for Zip lines. Our second was in Louisville, KY in an old limestone mine. Glacier Nat'l Park: We were there in September of 2011 after the summer rush. The Road to the Sun was under construction at the top, Continental Divide we went to the Visitor Center and it took 20 minutes to get back onto the road. Very beautiful mountains, however, the glaciers are melting away and we thought nearly gone. Hope this gives you some information, enjoy your trip and travel safe.
  3. A bit late to respond to the post but we crossed the Tapp n Zee on Saturday, 5/26/12 enroute to Boston area, driving a 45' Travel Supreme pulling a Ford Escape. Ouch, the toll was $32.00. Traffic was not a problem going North, however, the South bound side was backed up for about 7 miles due to construction on their side (information from NY friend living in NH). The condition of the road was poor in my judgement, given a choice again we'd take a detour around to avoid the conditions. The road conditions with some exceptions didn't improve until we reached MA.
  4. We tow a Ford Escape and it does not record mileage. Has 29k miles and has never required warranty service. It is also for sale as we want to get a larger car that will better accommodate our family.
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