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  1. Thanks ClayL, I have a manual transmission. Thanks for the number too, might be handy to have. Jack
  2. No I don't and would appreciate it. The manual doesn't say much, so no help there. Jack
  3. Thanks, I have that document. It doesn't look hard, but you do need to get the car up high enough to get under it. Sounds like I need to get with a shop with a lift.
  4. I was lucky enough to find a Blue Ox Aladdin towbar on Craig's List. It was hardly used and came with electric and safety cables. That's the good news. Today I found out from Blue Ox that they do not make a baseplate for my Honda Accord. Seems mine is an SE, and that's why. Not sure what the difference is between an LE and and SE as far as the baseplate goes, but so be it. I checked with Roadmaster and they do make tow bar attachment brackets (baseplates?). I would need an adapter between the brackets and the Blue Ox tow bar, and Roadmaster makes those, too. That should work. I'm still considering the ReadyBrake system for supplemental braking. It seems so easy to deal with after the cable is installed. One problem for me is getting someone to install the brackets on my Honda. Has anyone installed their own brackets?
  5. I bought my system from Truck System Technologies. I bought the six-sensor unit, ($299) after a blow out on an inner dully. I transferred the sensors to my new coach in April. The sensors have to be returned for a battery change, which is a drag, but I can do it during a time when I'm not going out. I'm not a full timer. I would recommend this system as they work very well and don't leak. http://www.tsttruck.com/RV_Tire_Systems.html
  6. One: Jack L Hartman Two: Army Three: 1967-1969 Four: Made it to E5 Five: 1140B & 1140C Six: Vietnam 9th Infantry Division "River Rats" 1968
  7. What year of Accord do you tow? I have a1994 with and manual tranny that I want to tow. Just curious.
  8. I am also thinking of getting this system, (ReadyBrake RB-4000). I think I can use it with the new Blue Ox tow bar I bought. I saw a video that showed how to install and route the cable on their web site. It doesn't look that hard. The link bellow is where the video is. Check around for the best price. http://www.readybrake.com/brake-systems.html I think I need a receiver drop, (is that the right terminology) and have one. Will I still be able to use the ReadyBrake system?
  9. We have been RVing for about 10 years. We started out with a 24ft Class C, (Jamboree) that we kept for a few years before moving up to our first Class A. Our first A was a brand new 2003 27ft Rexhall Vision. We really liked our Rexhall and it was good to us. I had one blow-out on a rear dully once on the way back from Arizona. Probably my fault for not checking tire pressure. Took out the air bag and everything! This past April we bought a 2007 Allegro 28DA. Not a very big jump, though is really is about 29 feet. The main reason was because the Allegro has two slides and our Rexhall didn't have any. We are very happy with the coach and have been out two times for a few days each to check things out. We have club trips planned for once a month until next year. We plan to do as many of them as we can. I bought tire pressure monitors for all six tires for the Rexhall and did not have any issues with them. I transferred them to the new coach after having dully valves installed. Both of us are retired and have family near by and we don't like to stay out on the road for long periods. (at least one of us does anyway) we took the class C into Oregon when we first had it and want to again. I really liked the coast up there. I have been a member of the RV.Net forum for as long as I have had a motorhome. We joined FMCA when we bought the Rexhall. I am a new member of iRV2 forums and the Tiffin Forums as well as an Allegro Club member. I enjoy reading all I can on all the forums and look forward to learning as I go. I hope to get to a rally now and then. I think I have bought several thousands of dollars of gear because of these forums, some well spent. (surge protector) Happy trails. Jack
  10. I like this solution. I spent a few hours last camping trip looking for the bird and gave up. Ended up watching cable instead. Some day I'll get his one. Jack
  11. Take a look at this RV Resort in Groveland CA. http://www.yosemitepinesrv.com/ They have a nice looking web site and I would like to visit, if ever I get the chance. Jack
  12. I have a 1994 Honda Accord that I am planning to tow. I just got a Blue Ox Aladdin tow bar on Craig's list that is nearly new. All the cables and a drop receiver included. Now I need to get the baseplate for the car, lights and a supplemental braking system and I'm good to go. I'm leaning toward the Brake Buddy. I figure I'm 1/3 there.
  13. Our Honda came with a vallet key, I wonder if you can use it in ignition and the regular key to lock and keep with?
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