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  1. Our motorhome has/had (2) Coleman Mach 3 AC-HeatPump combos that worked very well until recently. The front unit quit cooling and it was determined to have a leak in the plumbing, thus losing the freon. Since the units donot have Schrader valves for checking/refilling, you're optionsusually are to replace the unit. In light of their relative newness, I was really disappointed that Coleman(RSVP) would not not even consider going 50-50 on the repair. Just shows the lack of quality that seems to be prevalent in the RV industry today. I went to the next larger size on the replacement, 13500 to 15000, when I ordered the unit from PPL parts online and so far have been extremely satisfied in the output. If our rear unit ever goes out, I will probably replace with another 13500 instead of the larger as I believe (2) 15000 units would be overkill and possibly result in short cycling. The bottom line in this Loooonnnng response is you will not regret getting the AC/Heatpump combo.
  2. I'm sure you have a reason for wanting to dolly a Jeep Liberty, but are you aware that it most likely can also be towed four down with a towbar setup.
  3. We have used this sequence for years and do it in the spring and sometimes again in the fall. 1. 1/4 cup generic bleach per 15 gal water. Run mixture through all lines including WH until bleach smell is evident. Let sit at least 4 hrs, then drain fresh water tank. 2. I then fill tank about 1/4-1/3 with fresh water and run through all lines then drain. 3. Take generic white vinegar and use this formula next. "Plain white vinegar is the best calcium descaler you can get... you can even run it thru your lines... takes a gallon of vinegar per 15 gals of waterand can make your fresh water tank sensors come back alive if they have gone dim or died. Let sit for 4-8 hrs hours then drain. Your toilet flapper... just pour into water bowl and it will eat the deposits off the rubber gasket for a better seal... repeat if necessary. If you sanitize your water system with bleach... to get rid of any bleach taste/smell., run some vinegar thru your lines per above formula. Same with soaking your facet aerators., will unplug the screen. 4. If bleach or vinegar smell is still evident put 1/2-1 cup of baking soda in a gal of warm water and mix before pouring in the freash water tank.
  4. I agree 110% about never leaving home without a surge protector. Even though you apparently have a 30A rig, I would consider getting a 50A portable and buying the dogbone reducer for 30A hookups in the event you get a 50A rig down the road. That way the unit stays with you and not left on what you sell/tradein. Ifyou go the portable route, consider getting a 30 or 50A extension cord from CW and place the unit inside your electrical bay and run the extension to the power pedestal. Less apt to walk off that way.
  5. Just curious, but we have similiar MH & towed setup and was wondering what gas mileage you are getting? Interesting about turning the key off as on our 06 Jeep Liberty AT, I turn the ign key one turn so the steering wheel doesn't. Maybe need to reread the manual instructions eh!
  6. Wouldn't leave home without it. To each is own on whether to use or not. We have been in parks that have encountered both low and high voltage and had our surge protector shut us down until conditions improved. We bought the portable 50A Surge Guard on sale from CW and have never regretted it.
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