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  1. I have the same problem. Mine is a RM3862 in a 2000 Dutch Star. Mine first acted up about 3 weeks ago with the onset of hot weather. Temps above 100F. I put a fan on the outside vent as recommended by a local repair guy. Within 24 hours the temp was down from 63F to about 34F. Worked good for about two weeks. Last week temps went up again both outside the MH and inside the refrigerator. Local guy said to turn off for 24 hours to allow all the chemicals to reform. No luck after that. Freezers freezes good but no cooling in refrig area. I talked to a guy in Arkansas about a new cooling unit for the refrigerator but my local guy will not have anything to do with it. He says they aren't worth the money. So now I am looking at replacing with a home type refrigerator. BTW mine is working on AC and does not do any better on gas. Any ideas on where to go for an electric refrigerator?
  2. I have a 2000 Dutch Star, 38.5 feet. What is the recommended lubricant for the levers and the silde out while staying out for extended periods of time. My MH is living in Oklahoma City.
  3. Happy New Year to all: William(Bill) USMC 4 Years(1968-72) Sgt(E-5) MOS 2851 or 2852 (Aviation Radio Repair - Ground) ATC radios/Tower Equipment San Diego MCRD, El Toro, MCAS Iwakuni, MCAS Yuma Newmar Dutch Star 2000. F422973
  4. wrbrown7636

    Toyo Tires

    I have 265/75/22.5 on my Dutch Star. They are two years old. I just put 4300 miles on them and had no problem with them. No matter what air pressure I put in them the seem to find a pressure of about 95 PSI cold. They run about 102 to 106 PSI on the road. I do not have full nitrogen in mine. I did not buy these tires as they came on the MH when I purchased it. Tires were my big concern when I bought the MH. So far so good. They are expensive compared to other tires. That is all I know. I hope this helps.
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