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  1. I found with the 5510 it was more of an user issue than a GPS issue. Once people took time to read the manual and the tutorials, the problems they thought they had went away.
  2. sdennislee

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    2009 Safari Cheetah 40'
  3. Here is what I have found so far for indoor in addition to the link above Premier RV and Boat Storage http://www.premierrvandboatstorage.com/ The Butler County Fair 1715 Fairgrove Avenue, Hamilton, OH 45011, just south of Middletown, Oh. "Can I lease space in any of the facilities for winter storage? Yes. Storage facilities for RVs, motorcycles, cars, boats, and other watercraft are available during the months of November – April. Rates are determined by square footage. All stored vehicles and watercraft must be removed from storage by May 1st. For more information on storage rates and facilities call 513.892.1423 or info@butlercofair.com ."
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for an indoor storage facility? If not an indoor facility do you know of a secure outdoor facility?
  5. One: Dennis Lee. Two: Navy. Three: 10 yrs, 2 mos, 3 Days 1974 to 1985. Four: HT1 (SW) Thats E6 for non-Navy (SW) is Surface Warfare Specialist. Five: Shipfitter / Damage Controlman Six: East Coast, West Coast homeports, mostly at sea though. Beruit Multi National Peace keeping force (deployed 2 days after they took the hostages on November 4, 1979. Lots of time there on multiple deployments. Saw most of the world in 10yrs.
  6. I like the Fjs that I have used. I have no objection to them making a profit for the services they provide. Like anything else if the cost is to high I shop elsewhere. $5 seems reasonable. When they cease to make a profit they will close. Then where do we go? RVers are the only group of people I know that will pay $200,000 for a rig to sleep for free at Wal-Mart and and complain about a $5 dumping fee.
  7. Find the one you want then search it on Craigslist. I picked up a $400.00 rack for $75.00.
  8. Never let it be said the Navy doesn't respect the Marines. Still have a tear in my eye. God Bless This slide show consists of photos taken at a formal dinner at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA. It is a beautiful presentation of the honor, commitment and pride today's heroes share with yesterday's. If you know a Marine or a soldier of any branch of the Military (of any age) make sure he or she sees this. Wouldn't hurt if all other Americans saw it too! Remembering the Brave
  9. Agreed, during my 10 years in the Navy I always considered the President to be my commander and Chief, glad I'm not in now as I refuse to recognize our current White House resident as my President.
  10. If it's true (doubtful, even the current administration is not that stupid). Decorum would prevent me from saying what I think!
  11. Go here Carry maps, My Ohio concealed carry permit is recognized by 28 states in addition to my home state. Always verify the laws in the states you intend travel through. I always carry where and when legal to do so. I also practice regularly, never use a tool with which you are not proficient. I carry because it is my responsibility to protect myself. The police do not prevent crime they investigate it, there are too few police to be every where. When seconds count the police are on minutes away. This implies no disrespect to our brave and dedicated policemen and women. It's just a fact. And no I'm not one of those guys that brandishes my pistol. You would never know I'm carry it. I believe carry a weapon of any kind is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously. I attend training regularly and practice. I remain current on gun laws in the state I am in. I am a strong advocate of gun safety. I would like to think our society is safer than it is but that would be displaying sheep mentality. Murders don't just happen at night in bad parts of town in big cities. I agree with a previous poster one of you best defenses is situational awareness, I would add to that don't look like a victim, criminal like a wolf will prey on those that appear weak. I would also suggest if you are not proficient with a weapon you shouldn't carry it. I would never try to change your mind or impose my views of the 2nd Amendment on you, just telling you how I personally feel. I respect that the decision to carry is a personal choice. I only oppose those that wish to tell me that I can't or shouldn't carry or those who try to deny my 2nd Amendment right. No offense meant. An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity.
  12. I simply avoid California, left in 78 and haven't been back since. Too many laws, especially around guns. I stay away from any state which does not support our constitution.
  13. As a Veteran and an American, I agree with this poster, Boycott Progressive and anything Peter Lewis is involved in.
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